Figaro Menu

Figaro Menu

Figaro is a Filipino Coffee Shop chain established in 1993 in Makati. Initially, Figaro has only offered tea and coffee. The Figaro Coffee Shop chain is very active in the coffee farming industry and is making many efforts to improve the working conditions of coffee farmers. In 2022 the company has over 85 branches in the Philippines and abroad. Figaro menu also includes fine meals, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and pastries to complement the cup of coffee.

Best Items on Figaro Menu

If you like great coffee, cake, and pastries Figaro is the place for you. Figaro offers a wide variety of great coffee such as Cappuccino, Café Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha, Americano, and more.

In addition to many cakes and pastries such as Asado Pie, Tuna Pie, and Dreamy Ube Swirl. Figaro Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, and many other very delicious desserts will make you feel better every day of the week.

Figaro Menu with Prices

Here is the latest Figaro Coffee Menu with updated pricing information.

All Day Meals Specialty Pasta Pizza Salad Sandwiches Combos Frappes Coffee-based Frappes Non-coffee Classic Hot Drinks Classic Iced Drinks Roaster’s Blend Cold Brews Milk Tea & Fruit Tea Specialty Hot Drinks Specialty Iced Drinks Pastries Cakes

All Day Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Continental Breakfast₱265
Crispy Liempo with Lai ng₱300
Cheesy Beef Kaldereta₱300
Salisbury Steak₱300
Lemongrass Chicken with Peanut Sauce₱260
Sukiyaki Beef Tapa₱235
House Cured Tocino₱225
Braised Pork Adobo Belly₱270
Magandang Umaga Platter₱285
French Mushroom Omelette₱235
Smoked Bangus Belly₱290
Pork Longganisa₱220

Specialty Pasta

Garden Herb Pesto₱245
Chicken Mushroom Carbonara₱245
Pasta A La Carlo₱245


Five Cheese & Garlic₱225
Sweet Hawaiian Holiday Pizza₱225
Mexicali Pizza₱225
Classic Pepperoni Pizza₱225


Chicken Caesar Salad₱235
Asian Chicken Salad₱229
Greek Roka Salad₱229


Grilled Ham & Cheese₱235
Grilled Chicken Pesto Foccacia₱235
Figaro Club Foccacia₱255
Chicken Waldorf Sandwich₱235


Half Sandwich + Pasta₱259
Half Sandwich + Salad₱239

Frappes Coffee-based

White Chocolate MochaFrom ₱170
Coffee JellyFrom ₱165
Roasted HazelnutFrom ₱165
Choco Chip JavaFrom ₱165
Dark MochaFrom ₱165

Frappes Non-coffee

Mango Passionfruit SagoFrom ₱165
DalandanFrom ₱165
Triple Chocolate CacaoFrom ₱165
Ube MacapunoFrom ₱165
Strawberry BasilFrom ₱165
CaramelFrom ₱165

Classic Hot Drinks

Café Mocha₱135
Hot Chocolate₱120
Café Latte₱120
Flat White₱130
Hot Tea₱95
Brewed Coffee₱95

Classic Iced Drinks

Iced CappuccinoFrom ₱130
Iced MochaFrom ₱145
Iced ChocolateFrom ₱130
Iced CoffeeFrom ₱100
Iced TeaFrom ₱110

Roaster’s Blend Cold Brews

Santa Monica White BrewFrom ₱150
Black Cold BrewForm ₱140

Milk Tea & Fruit Tea

Passionfruit Green TeaFrom ₱135
Pineapple & Peach Green TeaFrom ₱135
Iced Taiwanese Green TeaFrom ₱125
Tropical Friut TeaFrom ₱135
Brown Sugar Tea LatteFrom ₱120
Roasted Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream CheeseFrom ₱120

Specialty Hot Drinks

Roasted Hazelnut LatteFrom ₱140
Salted Caramel MacchiatoFrom ₱140
White Chocolate MochaFrom ₱145

Specialty Iced Drinks

Iced White Chocolate MochaFrom ₱155
Iced Salted Caramel MacchiatoFrom ₱155
Iced Roasted Hazelnut LatteFrom ₱150


Tuna Pie₱60
Food for the Gods₱70
Asado Pie₱60
Lemor Bar₱55
Bluberry Cheesecake Light₱135
Little Oscar₱119
Marble Cream Cheese₱70
Heavenly Cheese Roll₱65
Dreamy Ube Swirl₱95
Trio De Quezo Ensaymada₱80
Spinach Cream Cheese Pie₱85
Quezo Royale Muffin₱85
Choco Lava Filled Muffin₱85
Chocolate Éclair₱70


Grand Xocolat Gateau (per slice)₱125
Red Velvet Cake (per slice)₱119
Mango Cheesecake (per slice)₱135
Figaro Carrot Cake (per slice)₱108

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Figaro Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.