Greenwich Menu

Greenwich Menu

Greenwich Pizza is one of the oldest and most iconic pizzerias in the Philippines. They’re known for their delicious pizzas with unique flavors, prepared fresh every day. Pasta dishes are also popular items on the Greenwich menu. Greenwich opened its first restaurant in 1971. They now have over 300 branches across the Philippines. Greenwich is owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation, which is another well-known fast-food restaurant chain in the Philippines.

Best Items on Greenwich Pizza Menu

Craving for delicious pizza? What better place to order a pizza than from the famous Greenwich Pizza. Their menu has a wide range of delicious Italian cuisine flavored to fit Filipino taste buds. 

Lasagna Supreme: Layers of pasta with delicious meat, sauce, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese makes this dish one of a kind. Biting into delicious Greenwich Lasagna supreme is the best way to unwind your day. It is one of the best selling dishes of Greenwich Pizza. The fresh ingredients along with an amazing layer of pasta and the flavourful sauce contribute to its popularity.

Overload Pizza: Greenwich Pizza’s 4-in-1 Overload pizza consists of 4 amazing toppings making it perfect for just about anyone. The pizza is divided into 4 toppings: Pepperoni, Hawaiian Overload, Bacon Overload, and All Meat Overload. Overload Pizza is available with separate toppings as well.

Chicken Meal: Crunchy chicken meal has 1 or 2 pcs of crispy chicken with rice. The flavourful crispy chicken tastes absolutely amazing with hot steamed rice. 

Greenwich Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete menu of Greenwich Philippines with the latest price list.

Pizza Pasta Bonding Bundles Solo Meals Chicken and Sides Drinks Overload Rewards Card


Menu ItemsPrice
Cajun Shrimp OverloadFrom ₱133
Extreme Hawaiian OverloadFrom ₱570
Extreme All-In OverloadFrom ₱570
Extreme Pepperoni OverloadFrom ₱570
Extreme All Meat OverloadFrom ₱570
Hawaiian OverloadFrom ₱111
All-In OverloadFrom ₱111
4 Cheese OverloadFrom ₱111
Pepperoni OverloadFrom ₱111
Bacon OverloadFrom ₱111
Veggies & Cheese OverloadFrom ₱111
All Meat OverloadFrom ₱111
Beef & Pineapples OverloadFrom ₱111
All Beef OverloadFrom ₱111
Beef & Sausage OverloadFrom ₱111
Cheeseburger ClassicFrom ₱88
Cheesy Bacon & Ham ClassicFrom ₱88
Ham & Cheese ClassicFrom ₱88
Ham & Pineapples ClassicFrom ₱88


Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti Solo₱122
Lasagna Supreme Solo₱106
Creamy Bacon Carbonara Solo₱118
Meaty Spaghetti Solo₱56
Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti Small Pan₱269
Lasagna Supreme PanFrom ₱269
Creamy Bacon Carbonara PanFrom ₱258
Meaty Spaghetti PanFrom ₱146

Bonding Bundles

Bonding Bundle 429From ₱429
Bonding Bundle 529From ₱529
Bonding Bundle 829From ₱829
Bonding Bundle 1199 (Good for 7 to 8pax)₱1199

Solo Meals

Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti Chicken Combo₱178
Lasagna Chicken Combo₱174
Carbonara Chicken Combo₱174
Spaghetti Chicken Combo₱123
Pizza Value Meal A₱140
Pizza Value Meal B₱100
Pizza Loaded Combo E₱207
Crunchy Chicken with Rice (1 pc)₱100
Crunchy Chicken with Rice (2 pcs)₱185

Chicken and Sides

Garlic Sticks with Cheese Dip (3pcs)₱39
Garlic Sticks with Sour Cream Dip (3pcs)₱39
Crunchy ChickenFrom ₱325
Garlic Sticks (3pcs)₱34
Extra Hot Sauce₱6
Extra Gravy₱17
Extra Ketchup₱6
Extra Sour Cream Dip₱15
Extra Cheese Dip₱15


Coke (1.5L)₱99

Overload Rewards Card

Overload Rewards Card₱100
Pizza Pasta Treat₱539

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Louis Greenwich Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.