Pepper Lunch Menu

Pepper Lunch Menu

Pepper Lunch is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant is known for its DIY approach to cooking, where customers cook their own meals at their table. Pepper Lunch menu provides an innovative and unforgettable experience for all with their delicious steaks, pastas, pepper rice, and cheese curry rice at amazing prices.

Pepper Lunch first opened in 1994 in Japan and has since expanded to other countries. The company now has over 600 locations worldwide. The first Pepper Lunch outlet in the Philippines opened in 2008. In the Philippines, Pepper Lunch has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Pepper Lunch Menu with Prices

Here is the complete Pepper Lunch Philippines menu with detailed price information.

Fresh Salad Premium Steak Teriyaki & Yakiniku Pepper Rice Combo Specials Cheesy Omelette Cheesy Sizzling Rice Teppan Pasta Chicken Karaage Side Dishes Flavored Fries Extras Desserts Beverages

Fresh Salad

Menu ItemsPrice
Kani SaladFrom ₱135
Sesame Chicken SaladFrom ₱135

Premium Steak

The GiantFrom ₱732
Tokusen Rib Eye SteakFrom ₱680
Shimofuri Pepper SteakFrom ₱640
Chicken Steak & Pepper SteakFrom ₱732

Teriyaki & Yakiniku

Teriyaki Beef with EggFrom ₱375
Italian Lamb SteakFrom ₱370
Beef YakinikuFrom ₱350
Pepper Chicken Steak with Egg – Teriyaki SauceFrom ₱375
Pepper Chicken Steak with Egg – Brown SauceFrom ₱375
Teriyaki Double SalmonFrom ₱420

Pepper Rice

Beef Pepper Rice₱260
Chicken Pepper RiceFrom ₱260
Salmon Pepper RiceFrom ₱305
Curry Beef Pepper Rice with CheeseFrom ₱275
Curry Chicken Pepper Rice with CheeseFrom ₱275
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with EggFrom ₱290
Garlic Beef Pepper RiceFrom ₱270

Combo Specials

Meat Trio DeluxeFrom ₱390
BBQ Beef & SausageFrom ₱355
BBQ Beef & Chicken SteakFrom ₱390
Salmon & Chicken SteakFrom ₱390
BBQ Chicken Steak & SausageFrom ₱355

Cheesy Omelette

Cheesy Omelette with Beef & Curry Sauce₱465
Cheesy Omelette with Beef & Creamy Brown Sauce₱465
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak & Curry Sauce₱465
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak & Creamy Brown Sauce₱465

Cheesy Sizzling Rice

Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Beef₱450
Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Beef & SausageFrom ₱450
Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Chicken Steak₱450

Teppan Pasta

Salmon Aglio Olio₱320
Beef Aglio OlioFrom ₱315
Chicken Aglio OlioFrom ₱315
Chicken Tomato Pasta₱355
Salmon Cream Pasta₱424

Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage – Original₱104
Chicken Karaage – Seaweed₱104
Chicken Karaage – Sweet Chili₱104
Chicken Karaage – Garlic Parmesan₱104

Side Dishes

Mashed Potato₱70
Miso Soup₱70
Mushroom Soup₱70

Flavored Fries

Sour Cream & Onion Fries₱75
Spicy BBQ Fries₱75
Cheese Fries₱75
Seaweed Fries₱75


Extra Beef₱115
Extra Chicken₱115
Extra Salmon₱115
Plain Rice₱50
Mixed Pepper Rice₱100
Honey Brown & Garlic Soy Sauce₱30


Molten Chocolate Cake₱155


Pepsi (16 oz)₱50
Pepsi (22 oz)₱70
7Up (16 oz)₱50
7Up (22 oz)₱70
Mountain Dew (16 oz)₱50
Mountain Dew (22 oz)₱70
Mug Rootbeer (16 oz)₱50
Mug Rootbeer (22 oz)₱70
Cucumber Lemonade₱55
Iced Tea (16 oz)₱55
Iced Tea (22 oz)₱75

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Pepper Lunch Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.