Sushi Nori Menu

Sushi Nori Menu

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Japanese sushi experience, Sushi Nori is the place for you! With a wide variety of sushi options to choose from, you’re sure to find sushi you’ll love. Sushi Nori has operating in over 10 locations in the Philippines, offering the freshest and best sushi as well as other Japanese dishes. The Sushi Nori menu has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a fun gathering! They’ve got all your sushi cravings covered!

Sushi Nori Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete menu of Sushi Nori restaurant with price details.

Party Platters Sushi Cakes Oishii Box Sushi Rolls Temaki Wraps Poke Bowls Bento Box Sashimi/Nigiri Donburi Bowls Ramen Ala Carte Sauces Drinks

Party Platters

Menu ItemsPrice
Poké Party Platter₱2299
Premium Party Platter₱2299
Deluxe Party Platter₱1899
Basic Party Platter₱1499

Sushi Cakes

Sushi Rose Sushi Cake₱1599
Classic Sushi Cake₱1499
Spicy Sushi Cake₱1499
Veggie Sushi Cake₱1299
Gold Candle₱20
Happy Birthday Gold Topper₱60

Oishii Box

Kani Oishii Box (spicy)₱799
Kani Oishii Box (classic)₱799
Aburi Oishii Box (spicy)₱899
Aburi Oishii Box (slassic)₱899
All Sashimi Box (available in salmon or tuna)₱999
Square Nori Sheet Pack₱70

Sushi Rolls

Tamago Roll₱149
Wakame Roll₱149
Sunshine Roll₱499
Dragon Roll₱499
OG Roll₱369
SS Roll₱369
Aburi Roll₱289
Spicy Kani Roll₱229
Bonito Roll₱199
Cucumber Roll₱99
Kani Roll₱149
Salmon Roll₱189
Tuna Roll₱189
BNY Roll₱199
California Roll₱199
Crazy Kani Roll₱199
Okonomiyaki Roll₱199
Sushi Dreams Roll₱289
Ninja Roll₱289
Firecracker Roll₱289
Ay Caramba Roll₱289
Chicken Winner Roll₱289
Guardian Roll₱289
OMG Roll₱369
Cloud 9 Roll₱369
Fireball Roll₱369
Lava Roll₱369
Godzilla Roll₱499

Temaki Wraps

California Temaki₱169
Okonomiyaki Temaki₱169
Crazy Kani Temaki₱169
Sushi Dreams Temaki₱229
Firecracker Temaki₱229
Ay Caramba Temaki₱229

Poke Bowls

Classic (salmon) Poké Bowl₱389
Classic (tuna) Poké Bowl₱389
Classic (half) Poké Bowl₱389
Chirashi Poké Bowl₱449
Aburi Poké Bowl₱369
Dreams Poké Bowl₱369
Sweet & Spicy Poké Bowl₱369
Samba (salmon) Poké Bowl₱389
Samba (tuna) Poké Bowl₱389

Bento Box

Salmon Overload Bento₱449
Tuna Overload Bento₱449
Aburi Mix Bento₱399
Classic Mix Bento₱399


Tamago Sashimi (6 pcs)₱199
Tuna Sashimi (6 pcs)₱289
Salmon Sashimi (6 pcs)₱289
Tuna Aburi (2 pcs)₱189
Tuna Nigiri (2 pcs)₱169
Salmon Aburi (2 pcs)₱189
Salmon NIgiri (2 pcs)₱169
Kani Aburi (2 pcs)₱149
Kani Nigiri (2 pcs)₱129
Tamago Aburi (2 pcs)₱139
Tamago Nigiri (2 pcs)₱119

Donburi Bowls

Wagyu Teppan Donburi₱399
Wagyu Poké₱399
Karaage Teriyaki₱299
Karaage Spicy Teriyaki₱299
Chicken Teriyaki₱299
Salmon Teriyaki₱299
Salmon Oyakodon₱299
Salmon Teppan₱299
Pork Katsudon₱299
Chicken Katsudon₱299
Chicken Currydon₱299
Pork Currydon₱299
Chahan Fried Rice₱169


Buttercorn Tonkotsu₱399
Chashu Tantanmen₱399
Chashu Tonkotsu₱399
Gyu Shoyu Ramen₱349
Ebi Shoyu Ramen₱349

Ala Carte

Gyoza (3 pcs)₱149
Salmon Skin Chips Teriyaki ₱89
Salmon Skin Chips Spicy₱89
Wagyu Kushiyaki (per stick)₱189
Chahan Fried Rice₱169
Ebi Tempura (3 pcs) ₱299
Kani Cheese Tempura (3 pcs)₱229
Karaage Ala Carte₱229
Wakame Salad₱189
Miso Soup₱89


Aburi Sauce₱50
Teriyaki Sauce₱30
Japanese Mayo₱30
Teriyaki Mayo₱30
Spicy Mayo₱30


Peach Yuzu Tea₱99
Cucumber Green Tea₱99
One Cup Ozeki Sake₱299
Coke Zero₱85
Bottled Water₱65

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Sushi Nori Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.