Tokyo Tokyo Menu

Tokyo Tokyo Menu

Tokyo Tokyo is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the Philippines. If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese experience in the Philippines, Tokyo Tokyo has what you need. Tokyo Tokyo menu is known for its assortment of Japanese dishes at affordable prices. Their misono and chicken teriyaki are always on point, and their Revel Bar is always a favorite to end the meal with.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu with Prices

Here is the complete menu of Tokyo Tokyo restaurant with a price list.

Donburi Bento Meals Sumo & Group Meals Platters for Sharing Ramen Burgers Ala Carte Bento Ala Carte Donburi Bestseller Trays Maki & Sides Desserts & Drinks Ready-to-Cook Packs


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Oyakodon with Red Iced Tea₱185
Pork Katsudon with Red Iced Tea₱185
Beef Gyudon with Red Iced Tea₱215
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi with Red Iced Tea₱149
Chicken Karaage Donburi with Red Iced Tea₱149
Gyoza Donburi with Red Iced Tea₱125
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi with Red Iced Tea₱149

Bento Meals

Prawn & Veggie Tempura Maki Bento₱290
Prawn & Veggie Tempura Classic Bento₱290
Prawn & Kani Tempura Maki Bento₱315
Prawn & Kani Tempura Classic Bento₱315
Prawn Tempura Classic Bento (3 pcs)₱290
Beef Misono Classic Bento₱290
Orange Yuzu Chicken Classic Bento (6 pcs)₱315
Best Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento₱290
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento (6 pcs)₱315
Pork Tonkatsu Classic Bento₱290
Chicken Menchi Katsu Classic Bento₱315
Chicken Karaage Classic Bento (6 pcs)₱290
Beef Yakiniku Classic Bento₱290
Chicken Karaage Classic Bento (3 pcs)₱235
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento (3 pcs)₱250
Orange Yuzu Chicken Classic Bento (3 pcs)₱250
Prawn Tempura Maki Bento (3 pcs)₱290
Beef Misono Maki Bento₱290
Best Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento₱290
Pork Tonkatsu Maki Bento₱290
Chicken Karaage Maki Bento (6 pcs)₱290
Orange Yuzu Chicken Maki Bento (6 pc)₱315
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento (6 pcs)₱315
Chicken Menchi Katsu Maki Bento₱315
Beef Yakiniku Maki Bento₱290
Chicken Karaage Maki Bento (3 pcs)₱235
Orange Yuzu Chicken Maki Bento (3 pcs)₱250
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento (3 pcs)₱250

Sumo & Group Meals

Tempura Imperial Feast for 4₱935
Tempura Imperial Feast for 4 with 1L Coke₱955
Sumo Meal₱409
Sumo Meal with Sides₱550
Family Feast for 3₱730
Family Feast for 3 with 1L Coke₱760
Family Feast for 4₱900
Family Feast for 4 With 1L Coke₱920
Imperial Feast for 3₱720
Imperial Feast for 3 with 1L Coke₱750

Platters for Sharing

Prawn Veggie Platter₱420
Mixed Tempura Platter₱495
Prawn Tempura Platter (6 pcs)₱300
Prawn Tempura Platter (4 pcs)₱225
Chicken Karaage Platter (12 pcs)₱355
Prawn Tempura Platter (9 pcs)₱430
Beef Misono Platter₱295
Pork Tonkatsu Platter (4 pcs)₱310
Beef Misono Platter (Large)₱430
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter (12 pcs)₱385
Best Chicken Teriyaki Platter₱360
Best Chicken Teriyaki Family Platter₱695
Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter₱385
Chicken Karaage Platter (6 pcs)₱180
Pork Tonkatsu Platter (8 pcs)₱555
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter (6 pcs)₱235
Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter (6 pcs)₱235
Chicken Karaage Platter (9 pcs)₱265
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter (9 pcs)₱295
Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter (9 pcs)₱295
Chicken Menchi Katsu Platter (4 pcs)₱415


Cheesy Beef Ramen₱240
Cheesy Beef Ramen Premium Upgrade₱320
Cheesy Beef Ramen Special Upgrade₱310
Chicken Teriyaki Ramen₱240
Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Premium Upgrade₱320
Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Special Upgrade₱310
Spicy Chicken Ramen₱220
Spicy Chicken Ramen Special Upgrade₱290
Spicy Chicken Ramen Premium Upgrade₱300
Seafood Ramen₱240
Seafood Ramen Premium Upgrade₱320
Seafood Ramen Special Upgrade₱310


Beef & Mushroom Burger Snack Bento₱240
Katsu Burger Snack Bento₱240
Katsu Cheeseburger Snack Bento₱250
Wagyu Burger Snack Bento₱280
Double Cheeseburger Snack Bento₱390
Imperial Burger Sampler for 3₱649
Beef & Mushroom Burger₱165
Katsu Burger₱165
Katsu Cheeseburger₱175
Wagyu Burger₱205
Wagyu Double Cheeseburger₱315

Ala Carte Bento

1Prawn Tempura Bento ala Carte (3 pcs)₱215
Prawn & Veggie Tempura Bento ala Carte₱215
Prawn & Kani Tempura Bento ala Carte₱240
Beef Misono Bento ala Carte₱215
Beef Yakiniku Bento ala Carte₱215
Pork Tonkatsu Bento ala Carte₱215
Best Chicken Teriyaki Bento ala Carte₱215
Chicken Karaage Bento ala Carte (3 pcs)₱215
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Bento ala Carte (6 pcs)₱240
Orange Yuzu Chicken Bento ala Carte (6 pcs)₱240
Chicken Menchi Katsu₱240
Chicken Karaage Bento ala Carte (3 pcs)₱160
Honey Chicken Teriyaki Bento ala Carte (3 pcs)₱175
Orange Yuzu Chicken Bento ala Carte (3 pcs)₱175

Ala Carte Donburi

Chicken Oyakodon₱145
Pork Katsudon₱145
Beef Gyudon₱175
Gyoza Donburi₱85
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi₱109
Chicken Karaage Donburi₱109
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi₱109

Bestseller Trays

Ultimate Party Tray B₱1500
Ultimate Party Tray A₱1500
Mixed Beef Misono & Chicken Teriyaki Tray₱1500
All Beef Misono Tray₱1450
Mixed Pork Tonkatsu & Chicken Karaage Tray₱1500
All Chicken Teriyaki Tray₱1450
All Chicken Karaage Tray₱1450
All Pork Tonkatsu Tray₱1450
Chicken Menchi Katsu Tray₱1450
Yakisoba Tray₱850
Rice Tray₱350

Maki & Sides

Norimaki (4 pcs)₱85
California Maki (4 pcs)₱85
Tempura Dragon Maki (4 pcs)₱95
Norimaki (8 pcs)₱150
California Maki (8 pcs)₱150
Tempura Dragon Maki (8 pcs)₱170
Norimaki (24 pcs)₱395
California Maki Tray (24 pcs)₱395
Yakisoba Solo₱89
Yakisoba for Sharing₱145
Potato Balls₱65
Potato Ball Bucket₱245
Steamed Gyoza (3 pcs)₱65
Fried Gyoza (3 pcs)₱75
Onion Rings (Regular)₱50
Onion Rings (Large)₱90
Miso Soup₱50

Desserts & Drinks

Revel Bar₱50
Mango Pannacotta₱50
Coffee Jelly₱50
Red Iced Tea (12oz)₱70
Red Iced Tea (16oz)₱75
Red Iced Tea (20oz)₱80
Coke in Can₱75
Coke Zero in Can₱75
Coke Mismo₱50
Coke (1L)₱110

Ready-to-Cook Packs

Ready-to-Cook Beef Misono ₱750
Ready-to-Cook Beef Yakiniku₱400
Ready-to-Cook Chicken Karaage₱450
Ready-to-Cook Chicken Gyoza₱250

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Tokyo Tokyo menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Popular Food on Tokyo Tokyo Menu

Tokyo Tokyo offers delectable Japanese food for all levels of taste buds. From traditional bowls of ramen to your favorite beef misono to pork tonkatsu bento meals, prawn tempura, to red iced tea, there’s something for everyone on the Tokyo Tokyo menu!

Tokyo Tokyo Delivery in the Philippines

With over 80 outlets across the Philippines, Tokyo Tokyo can deliver food directly to your doorstep or office near its restaurants. If you want to try out the delicious Japanese cuisine from the Tokyo Tokyo menu, you can order them from the various food delivery apps that you can download.

Tokyo Tokyo is available at GrabFood and FoodPanda (available in Google Play and App Store). You can also get the best discounts on these apps.

Tokyo Tokyo also delivers through its delivery hotline number #86596 and through its website.

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