14th Street Pizza Menu

14th Street Pizza Menu

14th Street Pizza is a popular pizza delivery service that began in February 2011 in Karachi and has grown to become one of the most popular pizza delivery chains in the country. 14th Street Pizza has opened up branches in many areas of Bahawalpur, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Multan, and Rawalpindi. 14th Street Pizza menu includes many different appetizers, pizzas, as well as sides, to allow you to enjoy a tasty, authentic pizza experience in your own home. They are the ones who introduced 20 Inch New York style pizza (hand-tossed) and the ‘One Slice is a Meal’ in Pakistan.

14th Street Pizza pride itself on its crispy crust pizza, topped generously with fresh and wholesome ingredients, like fresh vegetables and premium beef and chicken. Traditional Italian seasonings are also used, to ensure the greatest taste. Many customization options are available; you can personalize and make your own pizza, allowing you to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Order a dip to dunk your pizza crusts in for maximum flavor – sour cream is always a great choice. To get the best from your meal, order some sides – like the chicken wings, french fries, potato wedges, and more. Soft drinks and water will keep you refreshed as you enjoy your steaming hot pizza and tantalizing side-lines. Yummy desserts like the chocolate lava cake are also on offer to give your meal a sweet and satisfying ending.

14th Street Pizza Menu with Prices

Check down below the latest menu for 14th Street Pizza place with updated prices.

Create Your Own Pizza Sidelines Drinks Sweet Somethings Extra Dips

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemsPrice
Original Slice (serves 1)Rs. 449
Original Half (serves 3-4)Rs. 1549
Original Full (serves 6-8)Rs. 2549
Original 10 Incher (serves 2)Rs. 949
Original 15 Incher (serves 4-5)Rs. 1599
Xtreme 12 Incher (serves 3-4)Rs. 1299
Thinza 10 Incher (serves 2)Rs. 999
Original Split The Half (serves 3-4)Rs. 1549
Original Half & Half (serves 6-8)Rs. 2549
Pan 12 Incher (serves 3-4)Rs. 1199
Pan 9 Incher (serves 2)Rs. 799
Xtreme 9 Incher (serves 2-3)Rs. 899
Crispy 9 Incher (serves 2-3)Rs. 799
Crispy 10 Incher (serves 3-4)Rs. 949
Crispy 12 Incher (serves 3-4)Rs. 1199
Crispy 15 Incher (serves 4-5)Rs. 1599
Crispy 20 Incher (serves 6-8)Rs. 2549


Chessy Bread (2 pcs)Rs. 149
Chessy Bread (5 pcs)Rs. 299
Chicky BitesRs. 349
Cheesy PocketsRs. 299
Garlic Bread (2 pcs)Rs. 129
Garlic Bread (5 pcs)Rs. 229
Potato Skins (90g)Rs. 149
Potato Skins (175g)Rs. 299
Potato Wedges (90g)Rs. 149
Potato Wedges (175g)Rs. 299
Chicken WingsRs. 399
Social BoxRs. 999
Cheesy BreadsticksRs. 399
Curly FriesRs. 299
French FriesRs. 249
Chicken Strips           Rs. 299


Coke From Rs. 89
Diet CokeFrom Rs. 89
FantaFrom Rs. 89
SpriteFrom Rs. 89
Sprite ZeroFrom Rs. 89
Minute MaidFrom Rs. 99
Water From Rs. 59
Coke ZeroFrom Rs. 89

Sweet Somethings

Chocolate Lava Cake (full)Rs. 299
Chocolate Cake (slice)Rs. 299
Chocolate Cake (full)Rs. 1599
New York Cheese Cake (slice)Rs. 429
New York Cheese Cake(slice)Rs. 2899
Nutella Brownie (full)Rs. 299
Mini Lava Cake (6 pcs)Rs. 599
Mini Lava Cake (6 pcs)Rs. 1099
Nutella Minis (6 pcs)Rs. 299
Nutella Minis (12 pcs)Rs. 499

Extra Dips

Garlic ButterRs. 49
Garlic And HerbRs. 49
SouthwestRs. 49
Sour CreamRs. 49
Honey MustardRs. 49
RanchRs. 49

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate 14th Street Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.