Big Thick Burgerz Menu

Big Thick Burgerz Menu

Big Thick Burgerz specializes in charcoal-grilled burgers that are juicy and full of flavor. Their burgers are grilled to perfection, ensuring that you’ll love every bite. Yummy and juicy beef patties, light, and airy bread buns, creamy cheese, and fresh toppings and garnishes make these burgers some of the best around. Big Thick Burgerz menu includes everything you’d want from fast food delivery – like burgers, french fries, chicken tenders, and of course soft drinks and shakes.

Big Thick Burgerz Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of Big Thick Burgerz (BTB) with pricing information.

Single Persons Deals

Big Value Combo DealRs. 450
Classic Or Crunchy Combo DealRs. 650
Classic Or Crunchy Burger Deal For 1 PersonRs. 480
Big Thick Deal For 1 PersonRs. 600

2 Persons Deals

Regular + Big Value Deal
Big Value Burger For 2Rs. 498
2 Classic Duo DealRs. 1160
Premium Deal For 2 PersonsRs. 999
Big Deal For 2 PersonsRs. 1050

4 Persons Deals

Mega Deal For 4 PersonsRs. 1995

Big Value Burgers

Chilly Garlic Crunch BurgerRs. 249
Sicilian Salsa BurgerRs. 249

Classic Burgers

Berlin Meltfrom Rs. 500
Most Wantedfrom Rs. 430
Little Dangerousfrom Rs. 450
Boston Grilled Burgerfrom Rs. 420
Mexican Chipotlefrom Rs. 480
Keto Wrapfrom Rs. 420

Premium Burgers

Meat The DonutRs. 550
Texan Stylefrom Rs. 570
California Mushroom Cheesefrom Rs. 550
Chicago Smokin’ Burgerfrom Rs. 640
Swiss Blue Cheesefrom Rs. 540

Crunchy Burgers

Arizona Crunchyfrom Rs. 480
Hot Crunchyfrom Rs. 520
Cheesy Crunchyfrom Rs. 550
Classic Crunchyfrom Rs. 500
Boston Crunchyfrom Rs. 500
Garlic Mayo Crunchyfrom Rs. 500

Loaded Fries

Cheesy Jalapeno FriesRs. 380
Garlic Goodness FriesRs. 380
Cheese-O-Mania FriesRs. 380
Brazilian Chilli Dip FriesRs. 380

Side Orders

Chicken Pepperoni Cheesy FriesRs. 450
Jalapeno Chicken TendersRs. 480
Cheesy Chicken TendersRs. 480
French FriesRs. 200
Big Thick FriesRs. 250
Zesty FriesRs. 220
Garlic Mayo FriesRs. 230
Curly FriesRs. 320
Onion RingsRs. 220


Jalapeno PeppersRs. 50
Garlic Mayo SauceRs. 50
Beef StripsRs. 50
Chilli Mayo SauceRs. 50
Cheddar CheeseRs. 50
Jalapeno Blue Cheese SauceRs. 50
Melted CheeseRs. 50
Swiss Blue Cheese SauceRs. 50
Pickled CucumbersRs. 50
Little Dangerous SauceRs. 50


Strawberry ShakeRs. 270
Oreo ShakeRs. 270
Vanilla ShakeRs. 270
Chocolate ShakeRs. 270
Cold CoffeeRs. 270


Coca Cola (Can)Rs. 100
Sprite (Can)Rs. 100
Fanta (Can)Rs. 100
Diet Coke (Can)Rs. 100
Pepsi (1 Litre)Rs. 150
WaterRs. 80

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Big Thick Burgerz Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Big Thick Burgerz Online Delivery

You can conveniently order from Big Thick Burgerz in Karachi by clicking on the foodpanda website or by downloading the convenient foodpanda mobile app for iOS and Android. Select what you’d like to eat from the Big Thick Burgerz menu and proceed to checkout, and before you know it, a delicious and freshly prepared burger meal will be rushed across town right to your doorsteps.

Enjoy your order in the comfort of your own home or office for maximum taste and minimum fuss. It’s so easy to fulfill your burger cravings with Big Thick Burgerz, a delicious burger meal is just a few clicks away.