California Pizza Menu

California Pizza Menu

California Pizza has established itself as one of the premium places to go to for top quality pizza in Pakistan. The restaurant provides a great range of ideas for a classic meal of oven baked goodness. California Pizza knows its customers well and always keeps up to date with exactly what they want and expect. This includes a great collection of California Pizza deals and offers. These are a terrific way to explore the full California Pizza menu.

California Pizza Menu with Prices

Scroll down below is the latest menu of California Pizza place with a price list.

Double Melt Pizza

Double Melt – Small (Cheesy Flavour)Rs. 699
Double Melt – Regular (Cheesy Flavour)Rs. 1399
Double Melt – Small (Meaty Flavour)Rs. 599
Double Melt – Regular (Meaty Flavour)Rs. 1199

Thin Crust Pizza

Thin Curst – Small (Meaty Flavour)Rs. 299
Thin Curst – Regular (Meaty Flavour)Rs. 699
Thin Curst – Small (Cheesy Flavour)Rs. 399
Thin Curst – Regular (Cheesy Flavour)Rs. 799

Kids Meal

Fries-O-NuggetsRs. 333
Fries-O-ShotsRs. 333
Fries-O-DonutsRs. 333
Kids Combo 1Rs. 666
Kids-O-PizzaRs. 555
Kids Combo 2Rs. 666

Double The Fun

Double The Fun – Small Pizza DealRs. 799
Double The Fun – Regular Pizza DealRs. 1399
Double The Fun – Large Pizza DealRs. 1899
Double The Fun – Jumbo Pizza DealRs. 3099

Triple The Madness

Triple The Madness – Small Pizza DealRs. 1149
Triple The Madness – Regular Pizza DealRs. 1999
Triple The Madness – Large Pizza DealRs. 2799
Triple The Madness – Jumbo Pizza DealRs. 4499


Chicken Wingsfrom Rs. 299
Chicken Wrap – 6 Inchfrom Rs. 120
Chicken Wrap – 10 Inchfrom Rs. 199
Crispy Garlic Mayo FriesRs. 199
SaladRs. 649
Garlic Bread (4 pcs)Rs. 299
Garlic Bread Supreme (4 pcs)Rs. 399
Crispy FriesRs. 149
California StripsRs. 499

Meaty Flavours

Mexican Treatfrom Rs. 499
Arizona Creamfrom Rs. 499
Miami Beastfrom Rs. 499
Texas BBQfrom Rs. 499
Chicago Bullsfrom Rs. 499
Florida Feastfrom Rs. 499
Ohio Thrillfrom Rs. 499
Maryland Delightfrom Rs. 499

Chessy Flavours

Chipotle Pizza (New)from Rs. 599
Saucy BBQ (New)from Rs. 599
Seekh Kabab Pizzafrom Rs. 599
Cheese & Pepperonifrom Rs. 599
Ranch Pizzafrom Rs. 599
Creamy Tikkafrom Rs. 599
Veggie Loverfrom Rs. 599
Chicken Fajitafrom Rs. 599
Chicken Tikkafrom Rs. 599
Super Supremefrom Rs. 599
Chicken Supremefrom Rs. 599
Beef Supremefrom Rs. 599
Cheese Loverfrom Rs. 599
Eurofrom Rs. 599
Fajita Sicilianfrom Rs. 599
Srirachafrom Rs. 599
Half & Half Pizzafrom Rs. 1499


Pizza FriesRs. 499
Mexican Sandwich With FriesRs. 599
Chicken LasagnaRs. 699
Chicken PastaRs. 699
Cheesy FriesRs. 499


Browniefrom Rs. 120
Lava Cakefrom Rs. 120

Ice Cream

275 ML BOXfrom Rs. 411
475 ML Boxfrom Rs. 658

Milk Shakes

Salted CaramelRs. 320
Super Berry BlueberryRs. 320
Flirty StrawberryRs. 320
Hawaiian Bounty DelightRs. 320
Krackly KitkatRs. 320
OreoliciousRs. 320
Rocky Road Chocolate BrownieRs. 320
Futuristic MarsRs. 320
Nutty SnickersRs. 320


Small Water BottleRs. 60
Large Water BottleRs. 120
Small Soft DrinkRs. 60
Large Soft DrinkRs. 120

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate California Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Enjoy a variety of tastes with California Pizza

California Pizza offers a wide range of flavors and tastes. Bringing a classic American style of pizza to the table, a California Pizza online order allows you to experience pizza at its best. The California Pizza menu is home to the following popular items:

  • Personal, regular, large, or jumbo-sized pizzas topped off with juicy chicken, tantalizing beef, or succulent vegetables with the richest of sauces.
  • Gorgeous chicken pasta and lasagna dishes
  • Starters and sides of garlic bread, chicken wings, and california strips

California Pizza Online Delivery

Foodpanda has put together a website designed to offer customers the most comfortable and convenient way to access menus and food ideas. Simply register your details and visit the site to start ordering. The California Pizza menu can be quickly accessed and viewed offering up great tastes and meals. Check out California Pizza via foodpanda and in no time at all, you could be feasting on the best pizza tastes. Simply make your choice and enjoy!

Foodpana delivers California pizza in all major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Multan, Lahore, Hyderabad, and Karachi.