China Town Menu

China Town Menu

For those eager to discover the best in Chinese and Thai specialties, a great option is China Town. China Town is the first restaurant in Pakistan to introduce Szechuan cuisine. The popular oriental food experts have built up a loyal following of fans of Szechuan dishes, and have the know-how and experience to constantly come up with the tastiest creations on their menu. The China Town menu has a full range of offerings including chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, displaying a wealth of gorgeous flavors and spices perfect for just about every culinary desire and palate.

Chop suey and chow mein noodles can bolster all of these mains as can a great selection of rice offerings. Soft drinks of still or pina colada, coffee, and classic oriental tea can top off the selection, creating a splendid mealtime treat for all friends and families.

China Town has now nine outlets in Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan, thanks to its growing popularity over the years.

China Town Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of China Town restaurant with price details.


Prawn CrackersRs. 390
Chicken DrumsticksFrom Rs. 590
Finger FishRs. 950
Sesame Fried ChickenRs. 890
Dynamite ShrimpFrom Rs. 1,050
Butterfly PrawnsFrom Rs. 1,350
DumplingsRs. 750
Finger ChickenRs. 890


Hot & Sour SoupRs. 949
Special SoupRs. 1,069
Chicken Corn SoupRs. 949
China Towns Szechuan SoupRs. 1,069
Thai SoupRs. 949
Chicken Vegetable SoupRs. 949


Spicy Oyster Beef SauceRs. 1,150
Sesame Fried Beef with Green ChiliesRs. 1,150
Mongolian BeefRs. 1,150
Hendry BeefRs. 1,150


Chicken ManchurianRs. 950
Chicken with Cashew NutsRs. 1,050
Chicken Garlic SauceRs. 950
Szechuan ChickenRs. 1,050
Chicken Chili DryRs. 1,050
Chicken Black PepperRs. 990
Sweet & Sour ChickenRs. 950
Wok Fried ChickenRs. 790
Chicken Manchurian GlazedRs. 1,050
Chicken with Almonds with VegetablesRs. 950
Yem Yem Chy ChickenRs. 950
Chicken HoneyRs. 990
Hot & Spicy Basil ChickenRs. 1,090

China Town Specialties

Special Jumbo PrawnsRs. 1,590
Kung Pao ChickenRs. 1,090
Beef Chili DryRs. 1,190
Chicken Chili Oyster SauceRs. 1,090
Street Treat Sesame ChickenRs. 1,090
Special Mongolian ChickenRs. 1,090
Juha FishRs. 1,290
Home Made Szechuan ChickenRs. 1,090


Chili PrawnsRs. 1,390
Kung Pao PrawnsRs. 1,650
Sweet & Sour PrawnsRs. 1,650
Prawns in Garlic SauceRs. 1,650
Szechuan PrawnsRs. 1,650

Fish & Squid

Fish Manchurian GlazedRs. 890
Spicy Pepper FishRs. 1,150
Kung Pao FishRs. 1,090
Crispy Szechuan Sweet & Sour FishRs. 1,090
Steamed Fish FilletRs. 1,150

Bean Curd & Vegetables

Four Precious VegetablesRs. 690


Egg Fried RiceRs. 690
Chicken Fried RiceRs. 690
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 590
Special Fried RiceRs. 790
Garlic Fried RiceRs. 690

Chow Mein & Chop Suey

Chicken Chow MeinRs. 750
Vegetable Chow MeinRs. 690
Special Chicken Chow MeinRs. 950
Chicken Chop SueyRs. 650
American Chop SueyRs. 950


Fresh LimeRs. 130
Mineral WaterFrom Rs. 60
TeaRs. 210
Black CoffeeRs. 399
Jasmine TeaRs. 210
Diet Fresh LimeRs. 130
CappuccinoRs. 249
Pina ColadaRs. 290
Mint MargaritaRs. 290

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate China Town Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.