Fri Chicks Menu

Fri Chicks Menu

Pakistan is home to some of the best and most popular brands and eateries. One amongst these is Fri Chicks. Fri Chicks has taken Pakistanis by storm. More than 40 branches spread out, Pakistan knows what truly yum and is not afraid to ask for more. For any fast food restaurant, Fri Chicks has become a serious contender with the consistent quality they offer in sync with affordable rates. Fri Chicks menu has one of the best-tasting pizzas and burgers in Pakistan.

Their burgers are fresh, yum, and just want you to require to kick start your meal. They have an array of pizzas with the dough so soft that every bite helps you drown in their ultimate flavor quest. You can order small, medium, or large as per the size of the party that you’re hosting. For a local touch, they also offer Pickle (achaari) flavored Pizza and Chicken Chappli kabab which is nothing less than popular.

Their more exotic offerings include Fri-chick’s Special, Lazania pizza, Seekh Kabab Stuff Pizza, and much much more. The topping is ample as their aim is not only to offer great food but, also great quantity. You can double up the cheese if you like.

Their sidelines are something that you shouldn’t miss out on either with nuggets, chicken pieces, hot wings, and much much more. You can get a cup of ice cream later to complete the experience of feasting at Fri Chicks.

Fri Chicks Menu with Prices

Check down below the full menu of Fri Chicks restaurant with prices.

Burgers Paratha Roll Shawarma Pizza – Special Pizza – Regular Extra Filling Steaks Pasta Side Order


Menu ItemsPrice
Chapli KababFrom Rs.180
Double DozerFrom Rs.350
BBQ BurgerFrom Rs.220
Double MazaFrom Rs.250
Karizma BurgerFrom Rs.300
Chk Grill BurgerFrom Rs.370
Reggy BurgerFrom Rs.170
Beef Grill BurgerFrom Rs.420
Junior BurgerFrom Rs.150
Fried Fish BurgerFrom Rs.370
Pizza BurgerFrom Rs.350
Jalapeno BurgerFrom Rs.370

Paratha Roll

FC Special Paratha RollRs.199
Chicken Paratha RollRs.149
Chicken Cheese Paratha RollRs.149
Zinger Paratha RollRs.149
Arabian Paratha RollRs.149
Achari Paratha RollRs.149


FC Special ShawarmaRs.199
Chicken ShawarmaRs.120
Chicken Cheese ShawarmaRs.149
Zinger ShawarmaRs.149
Achari ShawarmaRs.149

Pizza – Special

F.C Special PizzaFrom Rs.599
Seekh Kabab Stuff PizzaFrom Rs.599
Cheese Stuff PizzaFrom Rs.599
Afghani TikkaFrom Rs.599
BBQ PizzaFrom Rs.599
Chicken Chapli KababFrom Rs.599
Tandoori PizzaFrom Rs.599
Pizza ParathaFrom Rs.600
Lazania PizzaFrom Rs.600
Creamy PizzaFrom Rs.600
Chicken Supreme PizzaFrom Rs.600
Hot N Spicy PizzaFrom Rs.600

Pizza – Regular

Chicken TikkaFrom Rs.299
Chicken FajitaFrom Rs.299
Pickle Pizza (Achaari)From Rs.299
Vegi LoverFrom Rs.299
Chicken SausagesFrom Rs.299
Cheese LoverFrom Rs.299
Pepperoni PizzaFrom Rs.299
Jalapeno PizzaFrom Rs.299

Extra Filling

Seekh Kabab Stuffingfrom Rs.149
Cheese Stuffingfrom Rs.149


Chicken Fillet SteakRs.699
Beef Fillet SteakRs.799


Pasta + 1 Reg DrinkRs.449
Creamy Pasta + 1 Reg DrinkRs.349

Side Order

10 Hot WingsRs.400
5 Hot WingsRs.250
1 Chicken PieceRs.150
5 Chicken PieceRs.700
Oven Baked Wings (5 pcs)Rs.250
Oven Baked Wings (10 pcs) Rs.400
Regular FriesRs.120
Large FriesRs.170
Family FriesRs.300
5 NuggetsRs.180
10 NuggetsRs.350
10 Hot ShotsRs.230
Rice & SpiceRs.249
Ice CreamRs.100
Cheese SliceRs.30
Dinner RollRs.30
Mineral WaterFrom Rs.30
Tin Pack (250 ml)Rs.45
DrinkFrom Rs.40

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Fri Chicks Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.