Ginsoy Menu

Ginsoy Menu

Extreme Chinese food is the slogan of this very popular Chinese Restaurant Ginsoy. Ginsoy aims to bring one-of-a-kind and flavourful Chinese cuisine to Pakistan. The Ginsoy menu offers a wealth of classic and traditional Chinese dishes alongside an abundance of more adventurous choices, meaning there’s certainly something for all palettes at the Ginsoy. If you are fond of seafood, this restaurant offers a selection of the best in fish, shrimp, and prawn preparations.

Due to its growing popularity, Ginsoy now has outlets in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Quetta.

Ginsoy Menu with Prices

Here is the menu of Ginsoy restaurant with updated pricing details.


Wonton Noodle Soupfrom Rs. 203
Ginsoy Special Soupfrom Rs. 293
Beef Ginger Soupfrom Rs. 225
Szechuan Soupfrom Rs. 225
Tom Yum Goong Soupfrom Rs. 225
Tom Yum Gai Soupfrom Rs. 203
Thai Soupfrom Rs. 203
Hot And Sourfrom Rs. 203
Chicken Corn Soupfrom Rs. 203


Kimchi Saladfrom Rs. 263
Crispy Chicken Cheese Rollfrom Rs. 300
Crispy Spring Rollfrom Rs. 263
Chicken Wontonsfrom Rs. 413
Chicken Drumsticksfrom Rs. 300
Prawn Tempurafrom Rs. 300
Dynamite Prawnsfrom Rs. 300
Dynamite Chickenfrom Rs. 263
Basket FriesRs. 368
Steamed Dumplingfrom Rs. 413
Cantonese Roast Beef With Kimchifrom Rs. 525
Paper Wrapped Chickenfrom Rs. 450
Crispy Orange Chickenfrom Rs. 338
Crispy Orange Beeffrom Rs. 488
Crispy Fried Calamarifrom Rs. 525
Dhaka Fishfrom Rs. 653
Fish & Chipsfrom Rs. 664
Spicy Fiery Wingsfrom Rs. 413
Chicken Cheese Sticksfrom Rs. 285


Stir Fry Chicken With Brocollifrom Rs. 409
Braised Chicken With Mushrooms & Bamboofrom Rs. 409
Shredded Chicken With Chilli Sour Saucefrom Rs. 409
Chicken Fooyoungfrom Rs. 409
Diced Chicken Curryfrom Rs. 409
Roast Chicken In Schezwan Saucefrom Rs. 450
Spicy Fiery Chickenfrom Rs. 450
Kung Pau Chicken Dryfrom Rs. 409
Dried Red Pepper Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Black Pepper Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Mangolian Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Spicy Schezwan Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Spicy Garlic Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Kung Pau Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Dragon Chickenfrom Rs. 409
Classic Chilli Chicken Gravyfrom Rs. 409
Classic Chilli Chicken Dryfrom Rs. 409


Stir Fry Mixed Vegetablesfrom Rs. 338
Sauteed Okra In Garlicfrom Rs. 338
Special Wok Fried Spinachfrom Rs. 338
Assorted Vegetables In Cream Saucefrom Rs. 360

Sea Food Prawn

Kung Pau Prawnsfrom Rs. 581
Dried Red Pepper Prawnsfrom Rs. 581
Black Pepper Prawnsfrom Rs. 581
Shrimp Fooyungfrom Rs. 488
Prawn Curry In Coconut Saucefrom Rs. 581
Classic Chilli Prawns Dryfrom Rs. 581
Classic Chilli Prawn Gravyfrom Rs. 581
Spicy Schezwan Prawnfrom Rs. 581
Spicy Garlic Prawnsfrom Rs. 581
Dragon Prawnsfrom Rs. 581

Sea Food Fish

Black Pepper Fishfrom Rs. 589
Shanghai Fishfrom Rs. 589
Spicy Fish Curryfrom Rs. 589
Fish With Assorted Vegetablesfrom Rs. 589
Fish With Chilli Saucefrom Rs. 589
Deep Fried Red SnapperRs. 1901
Whole Steamed FishRs. 1950
Hot & Spicy Fishfrom Rs. 589
Dried Red Pepper Fishfrom Rs. 589
Sweet And Sour Fishfrom Rs. 589
Spicy Szechuan Fishfrom Rs. 589
Spicy Garlic Fishfrom Rs. 589
Classic Chilli Fish Gravyfrom Rs. 589
Classic Chilli Fish Dryfrom Rs. 589


Stir Fry Squid With Brown Bean Saucefrom Rs. 563
Special Crab Curryfrom Rs. 638
Black Pepper Crabsfrom Rs. 638
Crabs In Chilli Saucefrom Rs. 638


Chinese Beef Pepper Steakfrom Rs. 533
Braised Beef With Mushroom & Bamboofrom Rs. 533
Mongolian Beeffrom Rs. 533
Hot & Spicy Beeffrom Rs. 533
Spicy Schezwan Beeffrom Rs. 533
Dried Red Pepper Beeffrom Rs. 533
Crispy Beijing Beeffrom Rs. 533
Beef & Broccolifrom Rs. 533
Classic Chilli Beef Gravyfrom Rs. 533
Classic Chilli Beef Dryfrom Rs. 533


Fried Egg Ricefrom Rs. 255
Herbal Ricefrom Rs. 315
Ginger Fried Ricefrom Rs. 293
Fried Rice Mixfrom Rs. 315
Garlic Fried Ricefrom Rs. 293
Steamed Ricefrom Rs. 255
Fried Rice Shrimpfrom Rs. 315
Fried Rice Vegetablefrom Rs. 255
Fried Rice Beeffrom Rs. 319
Fried Rice Chickenfrom Rs. 278


Cantonese Noodlesfrom Rs. 300
Classic Chilli Garlic Noodlesfrom Rs. 300
Chicken Chilli Garlic Noodlesfrom Rs. 739
Spicy Schezwan Chicken Noodlesfrom Rs. 319
Mix Chowmeinfrom Rs. 300
Shrimp Chowmeinfrom Rs. 300
Vegetable Chowmeinfrom Rs. 278
Beef Chowmeinfrom Rs. 300
Chicken Chowmeinfrom Rs. 300
American ChopsueyRs. 855
Chinese ChopsueyRs. 739


Blue Lagoon MargaritaRs. 250
Lemon Grass TwistRs. 250
Blue ColadaRs. 250
Pina ColadaRs. 250
Strawberry DaiquiriRs. 250
Lychee DaiquiriRs. 250
MojitoRs. 250
Mint LemonadeRs. 250
Soft DrinkRs. 100
Mineral Waterfrom Rs. 80


BrowniesRs. 135
Cake In A CupRs. 203
Chocolate Fudge CakeRs. 311

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Ginsoy Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Ginsoy Online Delievery

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