KBC Menu

KBC Menu

KBC (Krispy Broast Chicken) is a Karachi based fast-food restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes. Traditional Pakistani cuisine recipes combine with high-quality ingredients and contemporary style to make KBC restaurant the perfect choice for ordering food online. Additionally, outstanding service, as well as inventive dishes, makes the KBC restaurant a fantastic choice for enjoying traditional Pakistani food. Browse through the KBC menu for classic dishes like Saucy Broast chicken with a bread roll – hot and satisfying it will surely fill you up.

KBC Menu with Prices

Check out the latest menu of KBC restaurant menu with detailed prices.


Chicken Corn SoupRs. 210
Hot & Sour SoupRs. 230
Saucy SauceRs. 40
Dinner RollRs. 30
BBQ ChatniRs. 30
French FriesRs. 180
Saucy FriesRs. 210
Green SaladRs. 140
RaitaRs. 110
ParathaRs. 60
Garlic NaanRs. 40
NaanRs. 30
Russian SaladRs. 230

Exciting Biryani

Chicken Biryani Rs. 270

Hot N Spicy Bar-Be-Que

BBQ Grilled FishRs 970
Chicken TikkaRs 340
Green TikkaRs 390
Malai Boti (Boneless)Rs 590
Chicken Botti (Boneless)Rs 580
Beef Behari Boti (Boneless)Rs 560
Beef Dhaga KababRs 520
Beef Seekh KababRs 510
Chicken Reshmi KababRs 530
BBQ Special PlatterRs. 4200
BBQ Special CharghaRs. 1360

Sea Food

BBQ Grilled FishRs. 970
Fried Finger FishRs. 1040
Fried Fish & ChipsRs. 990
BBQ Fish TikkaRs. 990
Fish Chilli With RiceRs. 630
Sweet & Sour Fish With RiceRs. 580


Steam Fried RiceRs. 370
Chicken Fried RiceRs. 490
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 470
Singaporean RiceRs. 690
Chicken ChowmeinRs. 570

Awesome Burgers

Chicken Cheese BurgerRs. 390
Beef Cheese BurgerRs. 410
KBC Zango BurgerRs. 440
Mega Zango BurgerRs. 590
Fish Fillet BurgerRs. 550
served with french fries

Famous Saucy Broast

Saucy Qtr BroastRs. 410
Saucy Half BroastRs. 810
Saucy Full BroastRs .1650
served with french fries , bread roll & special saucy sauce

Krispy Broast Chicken

Chicken Quarter BroastRs. 380
Chicken Half BroastRs. 750
Chicken Full BroastRs. 1510
served with fries, bread roll, garlic sauce & ketchup

Yummy Sandwiches

Chicken Club SandwichRs. 460
KBC Special SandwichRs. 510
Chicken Grilled SandwichRs. 410
served with french fries

Served With Rice

Chicken ShashlikRs. 590
Chicken ManchurianRs. 590
Chicken JalferaziRs. 590
Chicken ChilliRs. 590
Sweet & Sour ChickenRs. 590
Chicken VegetableRs. 590
Garlic ChickenRs. 590
Dry Chicken ChilliRs. 590
Dry Beef ChilliRs. 610
Beef ChilliRs. 610
Hot & Spicy ChickenRs. 590

Pakistani Specialties

Chicken KarahiRs. 1120
Chicken GingerRs. 1320
Mutton KarahiRs. 1530
Brain MasalaRs. 930
Daal MakhniRs. 680
Palak PaneerRs. 770
Mix VegetableRs.. 660

Multani Handi

Chicken HandiRs. 1310
Makhni HandiRs. 1330
Paneer Reshmi HandiRs. 1350
White HandiRs. 1320
Behari HandiRs. 1370


ParathaRs. 60
Garlic NaanRs. 40
NaanRs. 30


Cold Drinkfrom Rs. 50
Waterfrom Rs. 50

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate KBC Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

KBC Online Delivery in Karachi

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