Mr Cod Menu

Mr Cod Menu

Mr Cod is an internationally renowned fish and chips takeaway chain. Now thanks to the local outlets in Peshawar you can order fish and chips online and have a filling, enjoyable meal delivered to your doorstep. You can try dishes from the different categories on the Mr Cod menu from the fish fillets to fries. And if the mood strikes and you want to eat your fill on a budget there is the option of trying the value boxes. Kids would love finger fish, burgers, and shawarma. The little details make a world of difference so you have a choice of dips be it tartar sauce or garlic sauce.

Mr Cod Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete menu of Mr Cod restaurant with pricing information.

Pizza Burgers Fish Chicken Fries & Dips Kids Meal Value Box Drinks


Menu ItemsPrice
Calzone PizzaFrom Rs. 280
Chicken PepperoniFrom Rs. 349
Fish PizzaFrom Rs. 349
Fajita PizzaFrom Rs. 349
Tikka PizzaFrom Rs. 349
SupremoFrom Rs. 399
Chicken Mexicana SicilianFrom Rs. 349
Crown Special PizzaFrom Rs. 899
Chicken MexicanaFrom Rs. 349
Margherita DopFrom Rs. 349
4 Flavour 21” PizzaRs. 1749


Fire Cracker BurgerFrom Rs. 349
Fajita BurgerFrom Rs. 399
Grilled BurgerFrom Rs. 399
Jawbreaker BurgerFrom Rs. 399
Crunch BurgerFrom Rs. 199
Crispy BurgerFrom Rs. 249
Codzilla BurgerFrom Rs. 399
Big BitesFrom Rs. 399
Fish BurgerFrom Rs. 349
Tower BurgerFrom Rs. 499
Zigzag JalapenoFrom Rs. 399
Zigzag BurgerFrom Rs. 349


Fish ShawarmaFrom Rs. 229
Fish Crispy BitesFrom Rs. 249
Fish PiecesFrom Rs. 299
Finger FishFrom Rs. 300
Fried PrawnsFrom Rs. 449
1 Fish o FilletRs. 475
2 Fish o FilletRs. 749


NuggetsFrom Rs. 250
Chicken WingsFrom Rs. 299
Chicken StripRs. 299
Chicken Piece ComboRs. 499
Chicken PiecesFrom Rs. 190
ShawarmaFrom Rs. 229
Crispy BitesRs. 249

Fries & Dips

Tartar SauceRs. 30
Garlic SauceRs. 30
Garlic Mayo SauceRs. 30
FriesFrom Rs. 100
Pizza FriesRs. 299

Kids Meal

Meal 1Rs. 299
Meal 2Rs. 299
Meal 3Rs. 299
Meal 4Rs. 299

Value Box

Chicken Value BoxRs. 1499
Fish Value BoxRs. 1499
Mix Value BoxRs. 1499


Fresh LimeRs. 70
LatteRs. 100
EspressoRs. 100
TeaRs. 100
Green TeaRs. 100
Cardamom TeaRs. 100
CappuccinoRs. 100
PepsiFrom Rs. 70
SpriteFrom Rs. 70
FantaFrom Rs. 70
Mint MargaritaRs. 220
Chocolate ShakeRs. 220

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Mr Cod Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.