New York Coffee Menu

New York Coffee Menu

New York Coffee is an American-style cafe that serves fresh and premium roasted coffee. New York Coffee menu also offers omelets, waffles, crepes, burgers, and many more items. The menu here has something for everyone. Whether you need a quick sandwich or a leisurely pasta and grill meal, you can order your choice of food from New York Coffee quickly through Foodpanda. Their bestsellers include Fettuccine Alfredo, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, and Molten Rock Chocolate cake.

New York Coffee is now a household name in Pakistan with its multiple outlets in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

New York Coffee Menu with Prices

Check out the detailed menu of New York Coffee with the latest price details.


French FriesRs. 225
Mozzarella StickRs. 450
Commando FriesRs. 450
Chicken FingersRs. 480
Chicken WingsRs. 520

Meal & Grills

Grilled Chicken TarragonRs. 825
Moroccan ChickenRs. 825
Fish & ChipsRs. 850
Piato ChickenRs. 850
Chicken JalapenoRs. 925
Sizzling Fajita – ChickenRs. 995
NYC Tenderloin Flap SteakRs. 1250
Sizzling Fajita – BeefRs. 1250
Chicken FajitaRs. 1250


Nyc Margherita PizzaRs. 675
Chicken Tikka PizzaRs. 750
Padreno PizzaRs. 775
BBQ Chicken PizzaRs. 775
Spicy Chicken Ranch PizzaRs. 775
Cordon Blue PizzaRs. 825
Carnivore PizzaRs. 850
Pepperoni & Cheese PizzaRs. 850


Mushroom Volcano BurgerRs. 625
The Nyc Beef BurgerRs. 625
The Nyc Chicken BurgerRs. 625
Flame Thrower BurgerRs. 650
Juicy Lucy BurgerRs. 675
Smoke House BurgerRs. 695


Penne ArrabiataRs. 625
Fettuccine AlfredoRs. 695

Sandwiches / Panini

New York Style Chicken PaniniRs. 425
Mushroom Cheese PaniniRs. 425
Beef Mustard PaniniRs. 525
Pesto Chicken SandwichRs. 650
Nyc Multigrain Club SandwichRs. 695


Chicken Caesar SaladRs. 625
Buffalo Chicken SaladRs. 695

All Day Breakfast

Classic Pan CakesRs. 425
Irish Breakfast NachosRs. 450
English WafflesRs. 425
Omelet Of Your ChoiceRs. 450
Spicy Egg & Potatoes PotRs. 490
Farm House CrepeRs. 645
Fused English BreakfastRs. 675
Cheesy Beef & Egg HashRs. 695


Traditional CrepeRs. 425
Vegetarian CrepeRs. 425
Pizza CrepeRs. 525
Quesadilla CrepeRs. 575


Coffee FrappeRs. 450
Kona Mocha FrappeRs. 450
Caramel FrappeRs. 450
Vanilla FrappeRs. 450
Coconut FrappeRs. 450
Chocolate Mocha FrappeRs. 450


Nutella Pan CakeRs. 425
CookiesRs. 120
Molten Rock Chocolate CakeRs. 445
Chocolate Delight CrepeRs. 545
Ferrrero Rocher Pan CakeRs. 575
Mix Berries Delight Pan CakeRs. 585
Chocberry Marsh WaffleRs. 585
Lotus WaffleRs. 575

Signature Drinks

New York Subway SpecialRs. 495
The Melting PotRs. 495
Manhattan SpecialRs. 595
Greatest Of All TimesRs. 595

On The Rock

Clod BrewRs. 325
Iced AmericanoRs. 375
Iced LatteRs. 375
Iced MochaRs. 425
Iced Spanish LatteRs. 385
Iced MacchiatoRs. 450


NutellaRs. 475
Cookies N’CreamRs. 425
Strawberry Cheese CakeRs. 525
LotusRs. 550


Berry BlastRs. 550
Straw-Bana BlastRs. 425
Tropical TangoRs. 425
Blue-Bana BlastRs. 550
Paradise PassionRs. 475


Iced TeaRs. 425
Mineral WaterRs. 85
Soft DrinkRs. 110
Hot ChocolateRs. 425
Lemon MintRs. 425
MojitosRs. 425
Flavored LemonadesRs. 375

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate New York Coffee Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.