Roll Inn Menu

Roll Inn Menu

Roll Inn has been serving the best quality food at very affordable prices in Karachi since 2000. From delicious rolls, Chinese and fast food to mouth-watering BBQ, the Roll Inn menu has something for everyone! Roll Inn restaurant also dishes out some really yummy chicken broast and biryani and a whole lot of choice beverages to help you wash down a heavy meal – everything from shakes to lemonades to cold coffee to juices.

Roll Inn Menu with Prices

Check out the complete Roll Inn Karachi menu with updated prices.

Chicken Roll

Chicken Chatni RollRs. 140
Chicken Mayo Garlic RollRs. 160
Chicken Cheese RollRs. 160
Chicken Spicy Juicy RollRs. 160
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Chatni RollRs. 150
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Mayo Garlic RollRs. 170
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Cheese RollRs. 170
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Spicy Juicy RollRs. 170
Chicken Malai Chatni RollRs. 160
Chicken Malai Mayo Garlic RollRs. 180
Chicken Malai Cheese RollRs. 180
Chicken Malai Spicy Juicy RollRs. 180
Chicken Behari Chatni RollRs. 160
Chicken Behari Mayo Garlic RollRs. 180
Chicken Behari Cheese RollRs. 180
Chicken Behari Spicy Juicy RollRs. 180
Chicken Crispy Chatni RollRs. 150
Chicken Crispy Mayo GarlicRs. 170
Chicken Cripsy Cheese RollRs. 170
Chicken Crispy Spicy Juicy RollRs. 170
B.B.Q Shawarma RollRs. 190
Chicken Arabian RollRs. 200
MD (Special Pita) RollRs. 240

Beef Roll

Beef Chatni RollRs. 160
Beef Mayo Garlic RollRs. 180
Beef Cheese RollRs. 180
Beef Steak RollRs. 230


Beef Behari BotiRs. 350
Beef KababRs. 350
Chicken TikkaFrom Rs. 280
Chicken Behari TikkaFrom Rs. 280
Beef Bihari BotiRs. 350
Chicken Behari Boti (10 Pcs)Rs. 350
Chicken Boti (10 Pcs)Rs. 350
Chicken Malai Boti (10 Pcs)Rs. 350
Chicken Reshmi KababRs. 300
ParathaRs. 20
ChapatiRs. 20


Regular FriesRs. 160
Massala FriesRs. 170
Lemon Massala FriesRs. 170
Mayon Garlic FiresRs. 190
Cheese FriesRs. 190
Spicy Juicy FriesRs. 190
B.B.Q FriesRs. 190


Roll Inn Special SandwichRs. 330
Chicken BBQ SandwichRs. 300
Chicken Grill SandwichRs. 300
Chicken Sandwich (Malai Boti)Rs. 260
Chicken Club Sandwich (Malai Boti)Rs. 270

Chicken Burger

Beef Cheese BurgerRs. 270
Beef Steak Jalapeno BurgerRs. 350
Beef BurgerRs. 250
Chicken Stuff Jalapeno CheeseRs. 320
Chicken Jalapeno CheeseRs. 320
Chicken Grill (with Cheese)Rs. 300
Chicken SupremeRs. 330
Chicken Mega Crispy (with Cheese)Rs. 430
Chicken Chatpata (with Cheese)Rs. 280
Chicken Crispy (with Cheese)Rs. 320
Chicken CheeseRs. 270
Chicken BurgerRs. 240


Crispy BroastFrom Rs. 280
Massala BroastFrom Rs. 290
Mayo Garlic BroastFrom Rs. 310
Cheese BroastFrom Rs. 310
Chatpata BroastFrom Rs. 310
B.B.Q BroastFrom Rs. 310


Chicken Tikka BiryaniFrom Rs. 250
BBQ Boneless Handi BiryaniFrom Rs. 330

Cold Drinks

PepsiFrom Rs. 70
7upFrom Rs. 70
DewFrom Rs. 70
MirindaFrom Rs. 70
Water BottleFrom Rs. 60

Chinese (Soup)

Chicken Corn SoupRs. 110
Hot & Sour SoupRs. 140
Thai SoupRs. 140
Chicken Vegetable SoupRs. 140

Chicken Chinese

Chicken ShashlikRs. 450
Chicken Chilli VegetableRs. 450
Chicken Chilli DryRs. 450
Chicken Chilli OnionRs. 450
Chicken ManchorianRs. 450
Chicken JalfrazyRs. 450
Hot & Sour ChickenRs. 450
Chicken Ginger Thai StyleRs. 450
Chicken Ginger OnionRs. 450
Pine Apple ChickenRs. 450

Beef Chinese

Beef Chilli VegetableRs. 470
Beef Chilli OnionRs. 470
Beef Chilli DryRs. 470


Plain RiceRs. 230
Chicken Fried RiceRs. 320
Egg Fried RiceRs. 300
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 300


Chicken ChowmienRs. 370
Beef ChowmienRs. 400
Thai NoodleRs. 370
Vegetable ChowmienRs. 320
Roll Inn Special NoodleRs. 430


Extra Cole SlawRs. 50
Extra Cheese SauceRs. 50
SaladRs. 50
Extra Mayo SauceRs. 50
Extra Cheese SliceRs. 50
Disposable GlassRs. 5


Rasbeey LemonadeRs. 230
Blue LemonadeRs. 200
Mint LemonadeRs. 200
Lemon & Mint MojitoRs. 250

Milk Shakes

Mango ShakeRs. 200
Chico ShakeRs. 200
Banana Milk ShakeFrom Rs. 150
Strawberry Milk ShakeFrom Rs. 260
Date ShakeFrom Rs. 260
Pineapple Milk ShakeFrom Rs. 260

Basic Juices

Grape FruitRs. 250
Pomegranate JuiceRs. 300
Falsa JuiceRs. 270
Carrot JuiceRs. 140
Sugarcane JuiceRs. 150
Orange JuiceRs. 250
Apple JuiceRs. 200
ABC JuiceRs. 250


BountyRs. 300
Kit KatRs. 350
MarsRs. 350
OreoRs. 300

Cold Coffee

Beef Steak SandwichRs. 300
Ice LatteRs. 300
Crazy Kit Kat Cold CoffeeRs. 370
Chocolate Cookies CrumbleRs. 370
Caramel FrostyRs. 370
Vanilla FrostyRs. 370

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Roll Inn Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Roll Inn Online Delivery in Karachi

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