Rowtisserie Menu

Rowtisserie Menu

As its name would indicate, Rowtisserie offers main courses which are expertly roasted to offer maximum taste and succulence. Rowtisserie menu is famous for its offers rotisserie and flame-grilled chicken. Lightly flavored, the meat cooks for an extended amount of time at a lower heat, bringing out the natural taste of the chicken without overwhelming it with strong spices. The result is a light and even caramelization of the outer skin of the chicken, but with incredibly juicy and light-tasting meat underneath, with a delicately smoky flavor.

Rowtisserie restaurant in Karachi serves the most tender and delicious chicken of high quality, and combines it with carefully selected ingredients to offer a unique experience in the restaurant and when ordering food online.

Top Picks on the Rowtisserie Menu

  • Chicken Shawarma makes a great feast for a group of friends or family.
  • Get a hearty breakfast with the full english option, sure to set your day on the right track.
  • A full Rowtisserie chicken with some delicious sides will offer you the taste that has made Rowtisserie famous.

Rowtisserie Menu with Prices

Scroll down below is the updated Rowtisserie Karachi menu with pricing information.


Fries₨. 349
Curly fries₨. 414
Peri Bites₨. 512
Buffalo wings₨. 553
Chicken Strips₨. 553

Chicken / Meals

Quater Chicken₨. 716
Quarter Chicken Meal₨. 1009
Half Chicken₨. 1265
Half Chicken Meal₨. 1809
Full Chicken₨. 2292
Full Chicken Meal₨. 3246
2 Full Chicken Meal₨. 6101


Pita₨. 79
Gravy₨. 140
New Potatoes₨. 250
Rice₨. 256
Green Beans₨. 256
Roasted Garlic Mash₨. 256
Potato Salad₨. 256
Baba Ganoush₨. 275
Creamed Spinach₨. 302
Hummus₨. 349
Skippers Corn₨. 349
Potato Gratin₨. 349

Burgers & Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken Sandwich₨. 674
Crispy Fried Chicken Burger₨. 735
Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger₨. 735-₨. 828
Old School Club Sandwich₨. 902

Captain’s Choice

Cajun Alfredo Pasta₨. 767
Mezze Platter₨. 791
Lo-Crab Row Platter₨. 791
Chicken Ala Kiev₨. 1070


Mullugaatwany Soup₨. 377
Soup Of The Day₨. 385
Mediterranean Salad₨. 591
Chicken Ceasar Salad₨. 656


Row Sauce₨. 88-₨. 167
Garlic Sauce₨. 88-₨. 167

Wraps & Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma₨. 512
Fiery Chicken Shawarma₨. 535
Chicken Fajita Wrap₨. 730
Steak & Cheese Wrap₨. 825
Beef Fajita Wrap₨. 835


Chocolate Brownie₨. 339
Fruit Triffle₨. 437

Cold Beverages

Mineral Water₨. 65-₨. 70
Soft Drink₨. 102
Fresh Lime₨. 140
Mint Lemonade₨. 200
Affogato₨. 288
Iced Mocha₨. 288
Iced Latte₨. 288
Cold Coffee₨. 288
Seasonal Fresh Juice₨. 326
ABC Juice₨. 326
Chocolate Shake₨. 349
Vanilla Shake₨. 349

Hot Beverages

Green Tea₨. 79
Tea₨. 79
Espresso₨. 172
Flat White₨. 195
Americano₨. 288
Mochaccino₨. 288
Cappucino₨. 302
Cafe Mocha₨. 302
Cafe Latte₨. 302
Hot Chocolate₨. 302

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Rowtisserie Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.