Salt N Pepper Menu

Salt N Pepper Menu

Salt n Pepper is a huge name in Pakistan’s ever-growing food industry. Salt n Pepper started its operations three decades back in 1983 in the city of Lahore. The initial restaurant was set up in the famous liberty market of Lahore and today it has a presence all across the country with many nice and beautifully designed restaurant outlets in major cities like Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, and Bahawalpur. Salt n Pepper menu has Burgers, Sandwiches, Steaks, Pizza, BBQ, and much more. The food is prepared in highly hygienic conditions by skilled and expert chefs.

Salt n Pepper’s popularity and fame continue to increase not only in Pakistan but throughout the world with franchises now in London as well. Salt n Pepper aims to provide excellent food with great quality at very reasonable and affordable prices. Its staff and management are highly trained and undergo constant and extensive training in customer care as per International standards.

Salt N Pepper Menu with Prices

Check out the complete salt n pepper restaurant menu with a detailed price list.

Soups Starters Sandwiches Our Famous Burgers Double Decker Burgers Chinese Chicken SteaksPizzas Fish B. B. Q Desi Delights Salads/Sides Desserts & Shakes Beverages Bottled Water


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Corn SoupRs.450
Chicken Corn Soup (family bowl)Rs.1350
Hot & Sour SoupRs.450
Hot & Sour Soup (family bowl)Rs.1350
Mulligatawny SoupRs.550


Chicken Nuggets (4 pcs)Rs.510
Chicken Cheese Nuggets (4 pcs)Rs.640
Chinese Chicken Drumsticks (3 pcs)Rs.490
Chicken Finger SandwichesRs.290
Garlic Bread (4 pcs)Rs.380
Jalapeno Cheese Garlic Bread (4 pcs)Rs.650


Club Sandwich (on its own)Rs.540
Club SandwichRs.790
Chicken Panini (on its own)Rs.860
Chicken PaniniRs.1110
Cheese, Tomato & Jalapeno Panini (on its own)Rs.720
Cheese, Tomato & Jalapeno PaniniRs.970
Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich (on its own)Rs.1550
Roast Beef & Cheese SandwichRs.1800
Chicken Cheese & Egg Sandwich (on its own)Rs.720
Chicken, Cheese & Egg SandwichRs.970
Chicken Sandwich (toasted or cold) (on its own)Rs.650
Chicken Sandwich (toasted or cold)Rs.900
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (on its own)Rs.670
Grilled Chicken Breast SandwichRs.920
Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich (on its own)Rs.670
Fried Chicken Breast SandwichRs.920
Spicy Chicken Pocket Sandwich (on its own)Rs.650
Spicy Chicken Pocket SandwichRs.900

Our Famous Burgers

Beef Burger (on its own)Rs.590
Beef BurgerRs.840
Beef Cheese Burger (on its own)Rs.780
Beef Cheese BurgerRs.1030
Beef Cheese & Jalapeno Burger (on its own)Rs.830
Beef Cheese & Jalapeno BurgerRs.1130
Chicken Burger (on its own)Rs.610
Chicken BurgerRs.860
Chicken Cheese Burger (on its own)Rs.800
Chicken Cheese BurgerRs.1050
Chicken Cheese & Jalapeno Burger (on its own)Rs.850
Chicken Cheese & Jalapeno BurgerRs.1100
Spicy Chicken Ginger Burger (on its own)Rs.650
Spicy Chicken Ginger BurgerRs.900
Fried Chicken Breast Burger (on its own)Rs.650
Fried Chicken Breast BurgerRs.900
Grilled Chicken Breast Burger (on its own)Rs.670
Grilled Chicken Breast BurgerRs.920
Handmade Beef Fillet & Cheese Burger (on its own)Rs.1440
Handmade Beef Fillet & Cheese BurgerRs.1690
Fried Fish Fillet Burger (on its own)Rs.830
Fried Fish Fillet BurgerRs.1080
Roast Beef & Cheese Burger (on its own)Rs.1550
Roast Beef & Cheese BurgerRs.1800

Double Decker Burgers

Smash BurgerRs.1140
Supreme Chicken BurgerRs.1050
Spicy Supreme Chicken Ginger BurgerRs.1090
Jumbo Chicken Cheese & Jalapeno BurgerRs.1250
Double Grilled Chicken Breast BurgerRs.1270
The Ultimate BurgerRs.1250
The Ultimate Chicken BurgerRs.1190
Double Fried Chicken Breast BurgerRs.1270


Chicken ManchurianRs.1040
Chicken Manchurian (family)Rs.1290
Chicken Chilli DryRs.1040
Chicken Chilli Dry (family)Rs.1290
Lemon ChickenRs.1020
Lemon Chicken (family)Rs.1270
Garlic ChickenRs.1040
Garlic Chicken (family)Rs.1290
Chicken With VegetablesRs.980
Chicken With Vegetables (family)Rs.1190
Fish Chilli DryRs.1320
Fish Chilli Dry (family)Rs.1640
Lemon FishRs.1320
Lemon Fish (family)Rs.1640
Chicken Chow MeinRs.990
Chicken Drumsticks (6 pcs)Rs.1090
Egg Fried RiceRs.790


Stuffed Chicken BreastRs.1290
Stuffed Chicken Breast With Pineapple SauceRs.1410
Stuffed Chicken Breast With Chilli MarmaladeRs.1410
Chicken ShashlikRs.1160
Black Pepper ChickenRs.1190
Fried ChickenRs.1080
Chicken Nuggets (8 pcs)Rs.1160
Stuffed Chicken Cheese Nuggets (8 pcs)Rs.1290


Beef Fillet Steak (300g)Rs.2150
Beef Mushroom Steak (300g)Rs.2150
Beef Jalapeno & Cheese Steak (300g)Rs.2150
Beef Fillet Steak With Black Pepper Sauce (300g)Rs.2150
Breast Steak With Mushroom SauceRs.1350
Chicken Pineapple SteakRs.1350
Breast Steak With Black Pepper SauceRs.1350

Pizzas – Liberty Branch only

Mix Grill Pizza (good for two)Rs.1590
Pizza BlancoRs.1490
Tropicana Chicken PizzaRs.1390
Chicken Tikka PizzaRs.1350


Fried FishRs.1190
Fried Fish FingersRs.1190
Grilled FishRs.1390
Lahori Fried FishRs.1430

B. B. Q

Beef Seekh Kababs (4 pcs)Rs.990
Mutton Seekh Kababs (4 pcs)Rs.1590
Chicken Tikka (per piece)Rs.540
Chicken BotiRs.1050
Boneless Chicken BotiRs.1150
Boneless Chicken Malai BotiRs.1190
Fish Tikka (seasonal)Rs.1370
Chicken Seekh Kababs (4 pcs)Rs.830
Grill Platter (for 2 persons) (available at Liberty only)Rs.2590
Grill Platter (for 2 persons) (available at Mall only)Rs.2490

Desi Delights

Boneless Chicken Handi (half)Rs.980
Boneless Chicken Handi (full)Rs.1850
Boneless Chicken Achari Handi (half)Rs.1020
Boneless Chicken Achari Handi (Full)Rs.1930
Mutton Handi (Small)Rs.1950
Mutton Handi (large)Rs.3950
Mutton Achari Handi (small)Rs.1990
Mutton Achari Handi (large)Rs.3980
Chicken GingerRs.1160
Chicken Karahi (half)Rs.980
Chicken Karahi (full)Rs.1850
Karahi Gosht (small)Rs.1990
Karahi Goshat (large)Rs.3980
Palak GoshtRs.2150
Daal Mash HandiRs.750
Chicken JalfreziRs.1190


Chicken Apple & Pineapple SaladRs.890
Cole SlawRs.390
French FriesRs.550
Cheese SliceRs.190
Egg Fried RiceRs.790
Vegetable BiryaniRs.730
Steamed RiceRs.440
Fresh SaladRs.240
Kachumar SaladRs.210
Roghni NanRs.120
Plain NanRs.90
Garlic & Kalwanji NanRs.170
Dhania & Podina NanRs.170
Stuffed Cheese & Green Chilli NanRs.860
Tandoori ParathaRs.250

Desserts & Shakes

Apple Pie With Ice CreamRs.450
Walnut Tart With Ice Cream (seasonal)Rs.850
Mint MargraritaRs.260
Lassi (Sweet / Saltish)Rs.290
Fresh Lime With Soft DrinkRs.160
Fresh Lime With WaterRs.110
Stuffed Gulab Jaman (1 pc)Rs.270
Gulab Jaman (2 pcs)Rs.250
Fruit TrifleRs.280
Milk Shake With Ice CreamRs.520
Walnut Tart (seasonal)Rs.690
Oreo ShakeRs.590
Cold Coffee With Ice CreamRs.590
Apple PieRs.590
Seasonal HalwaRs.320
Ice Cream (2 scopes)Rs.320


Diet 7up (1.5 L)Rs.210
Pepsi (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Pepsi Black (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Diet Pepsi (can 250 ml)Rs.110
7up (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Diet 7up (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Mirinda (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Mountain Dew (NR Bottle 345 ml)Rs.110
Pepsi (1.5 L)Rs.210
7up (1.5 L)Rs.210
Mirinda (1.5 L)Rs.210
Mountain Dew (1.5 L)Rs.210

Bottled Water

Klinz (small)Rs.80
Klinz (large)Rs.140
Aquafina (small)Rs.90
Aquafina (large)Rs.160

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Salt N Pepper Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.