Simple Dimple Menu

Simple Dimple Menu

Simple Dimple restaurant in Karachi offers a wide range of foods to choose from. People ordering online can select between wraps, salads, Chinese or Italian food as well as Khao Suay from the Simple Dimple menu. Fresh and healthy food is delivered, inspired by the Asian cooking traditions. Ordering food online and still enjoying healthy well-prepared food is unique- the Simple Dimple makes this possible.

Simple Dimple Menu with Prices

Below is the full menu of Simple Dimple restaurant with the latest price details.

Simple Dimple House Special

SDKP Special NoodlesRs. 740
Chicken/Beef Chilli DryRs. 700
Crispy Beef/Chicken & Chilli NoodlesRs. 740
Classic Khao SueyRs. 690
Basil & Chilli NoodlesRs. 740
Desi Qeema NoodlesRs. 740
Chicken Noodle OneRs. 740


Raw Papaya SaladRs. 570
Grilled Beef SaladRs. 650


Chicken Corn SoupRs. 350
Hot N Sour SoupRs. 420
Tum Yum SoupRs. 480
Health In A BowlRs. 375


Prawn On ToastRs. 550
Butterfly PrawnsRs. 675
HummusRs. 275
Crumbed Chicken BreastRs. 380
Wings With Thai Sweet Chilli SauceRs. 385

Khao Suey

Khao SueyRs. 690
Thai Khao SueyRs. 750

Wok Fried Noodle Boxes

Simple Dimple SpecialRs. 740
Basil & Chilli NoodlesRs. 740
Shiitake Mushroom & Chilli NoodlesRs. 740
Pad Thai – Rice NoodlesRs. 740
Chilli Garlic Sauce NoodlesRs. 740
Thai Chilli & Lime NoodlesRs. 740
Chicken Noodle OneRs. 740
Chicken Chow MeinRs. 740
Desi Qeema NoodlesRs. 740
Crispy Beef/Chicken And Chilli NoodlesRs. 740

Rice Boxes

Chicken/Beef/Prawns Chilli Dry With RiceRs. 750
Chicken Shashlik With RiceRs. 750
Mushroom & Chilli With RiceRs. 750
Spicy Manchurian With RiceRs. 750
Crispy Beef/Chicken/Prawns Chilli With RiceRs. 750
Thai Basil & Chilli With RiceRs. 750

Stir Fried & Curries

Thai Red/ Green CurryRs. 735
Chicken/Beef Chilli DryRs. 700
Crispy Beef/Chicken & ChilliesRs. 700
Thai Basil & Chilli Stir FryRs. 700
Mushroom & Chilli Stir FryRs. 700
Spicy ManchurianRs. 700
Spicy Desi Stir FryRs. 700
Cashew Nut & Chilli OilRs. 700

Kids Menu

NuggetsRs. 250
French FriesRs. 300

Desi Mix

Prawn MasalaRs. 750
Spicy Chicken GingerRs. 649
KarhaiRs. 649
Spicy Qeema With Green ChilliesRs. 500
Khatti DaalRs. 420


Jessie’s PastaRs. 740
Fettuccine AlfredoRs. 740


Lebanese Original WrapRs. 420
Falafel WrapRs. 430
Simple Dimple Feta Cheese WrapRs. 450


Steamed RiceRs. 150
Vegetable Fried RiceRs. 200
Egg Fried RiceRs. 220
Garlic RiceRs. 250


Fish CrackersRs. 180
SlimsRs. 80
AcharRs. 80
Mix PapadRs. 150
KachumberRs. 150


Soft DrinksRs. 95
Mineral WaterRs. 75

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Simple Dimple Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Simple Dimple Online Delivery in Karachi

You are not feeling like going out – you would rather prefer to stay in and order food online, then go to foodpanda, choose from the simple dimple restaurant menu, and get your favorite food delivered right to your doorsteps.