Rajinder Da Dhaba Menu

Rajinder Da Dhaba Menu

Rajinder Da Dhaba has been offering authentic North Indian food in Delhi for decades. Due to the matchless quality and unique taste of its various food preparations, the Dhaba became quite popular in Delhi. Rajinder Da Dhaba menu has dishes for everyone, from vegetarian dishes to their signature galouti kebab, butter chicken, and mushroom tikka.

They successfully opened various other restaurants by introducing a new concept of fine dining under parent brand Rajinder Da Dhaba and various other new brands as well, such as “RDX” which is an abbreviated form of RAJINDER DHABA XPRESS and “RAJINDER XPRESS”.

Rajinder Da Dhaba has been applauded by various agencies on the basis of surveys conducted in Delhi. Due to the unique taste of the food prepared and served, many eminent personalities and celebrities visit to taste the delectable delicacies offered therein.

Rajinder Da Dhaba Menu with Prices

Here is the complete menu of Rajinder Da Dhaba restaurant with pricing in rupees.


Chicken Manchow Soup₹115
Veg Manchow Soup₹115
Chicken Soup₹120


Chicken Shawarma Roll (1 pc)₹145
Grilled Chicken (4 pcs)₹415
Special Veg Satay (4 pcs)₹275
Special Chicken Satay₹220
Amritsari Fish (4 pcs)₹230
Grilled Fish₹230


Pomfret Fish (1 pcs)₹525
Fish Fry (250 Gms)₹515
Chicken Tangdi Fry (2 pcs)₹170
Chicken Wings (250 gms)₹245
Mutton Seekh Kabab₹215
Chicken Seekh Kabab₹215
Egg Pakora (2 pcs)₹45
Chicken Fry₹255

Lucknowi Special

Veg Galouti Roll₹135
Veg Galouti Kabab (4 pcs)₹190
Lucknavi Galouti Roll₹235
Special Mutton Galouti Kabab (4 pcs)₹385
Mughlai Paratha₹45


Turkish Kabab [4 pcs]₹335
Rara Mutton (4 pcs)₹590
Veg Hara Bhara Kabab₹235
Peri Peri Grilled Chicken₹415
Veg Momos (Fried)₹80
Chicken Momos (Fried)₹90
Veg Momos (Steam)₹80
Chicken Momos (Steam)₹90
Gravy Chilli Chicken₹380
Chilli Potato₹205
Drums Of Hevan₹455
Fish Fingers₹455
Crispy Wings With Hot Mayo Dip₹245
Chilli Paneer₹315
Chilli Paneer Gravy₹355
Chilli Mushroom₹315
Veg Oriental Rolls₹235
Chilli Chicken Dry₹345
Chilli Fish (8 pcs)₹455
Lemon Fish (8 pcs)₹455
Chicken Oriental Rolls₹265
Veg Fried Rice₹265
Veg Noodles₹265
Non Veg Fried Rice₹325
Non Veg Noodles₹325
Rara Chicken (4 pcs)₹590
Honey Chilly Potato₹205


Non Veg Tandoori Platter (10 pcs)₹570
Fish Tikka Seasonal (6 pcs)₹515
Makhmali Fish Tikka (6 pcs)₹515
Chicken Tandoori₹255
Chicken Malai Tangdi (4 pcs)₹390
Tangdi Kabab (4 pcs)₹290
Chicken Tikka₹290
Chicken Malai Tikka₹290
Chicken Achari Tikka₹290
Special Kalmi Kabab₹290
Afghani Chicken₹290
Barra Chicken₹290
Mutton Barra₹330
Veg Platter (10 pcs)₹320
Paneer Malai Tikka₹290
Veg Stuffed Chaap (4 pcs)₹270
Paneer Tikka (5 pcs)₹245
Stuff Aloo (4 pcs)₹245
Soya Achari Tikka (10 pcs)₹245
Soya Malai Tikka (10 pcs)₹245
Mushroom Tikka₹245
Special Veg Dahi Kabab (4 pcs)₹195
Tandoori (1 pc)₹155


Paneer Lababdar₹245
Palak Paneer₹245
Handi Mutton₹590
Jeera Rice₹170
Plain Rice₹170
Mutton Gravy (gravy Only)₹105
Chicken Gravy (gravy Only)₹105
Handi Chicken₹525
Mutton Korma₹280
Chest Chicken Curry₹270
Leg Chicken Curry₹280
Chicken Curry₹540
Butter Chicken₹305
Boneless Butter Chicken₹605
Butter Chicken (Gravy Only)₹195
Egg Curry (2 pcs In Non-veg Gravy)₹155
Shahi Paneer₹190
Kadai Paneer₹320
Tawa Paneer₹320
Tawa Chaap₹320
Tawa Mushroom₹320
Mattar Pulao₹195
Veg Biryani₹345
Mutton Biryani₹395
Chicken Biryani₹395
Dal Makhani₹125
Mix Veg Raita₹120
Egg Biryani₹395

Taka Tak Tawa

Tawa Mutton Kabab (4 pcs)₹480
Tawa Chicken Kabab (4 pcs)₹480
Tawa Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)₹480
Tawa Mutton (4 pcs)₹570
Tawa Fish (4 pcs)₹515
Tawa Chicken₹570
Kadai Chicken₹570


Naan (1 pc)₹20
Rumali Roti₹20
Tandoori Roti₹20
Makhani Naan₹30
Tandoori Butter Roti₹30
Butter Naan₹70
Pudina Paratha₹70
Lal Mirch Paratha₹70
Laccha Paratha₹70
Garlic Naan₹70

Kathi Rolls

Mutton Seekh Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Chicken Seekh Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Chicken Tikka Roll (2 pcs)₹330
Chicken Malai Tikka Roll (2 pcs)₹330
Paneer Tikka Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Aloo Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Mushroom Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Soya Achari Roll (2 pcs)₹280
Soya Malai Roll (2 pcs)₹280

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