Saravana Bhavan Menu

Saravana Bhavan Menu

For authentic South Indian food and snacks! Saravana Bhavan is a well-known South Indian chain of restaurants which serves some of the best dosas and idlis. If you are in the mood to be pampered with some really good South Indian food, the Saravana Bhavan menu should be the right for you. Right from the ambiance to the service and of course the taste, Saravana Bhavan will leave you well-satisfied in all aspects.

Counted amongst one of the most popular South Indian restaurants across the world, Saravana Bhavan has 33 outlets in India and 78 outlets outside India. South Indians can visit Saravana Bhavan to get nostalgic and reminisce about their hometowns, while North Indians can visit Saravana Bhavan simply for the delicious food on offer! You may also order food online on Zoamto or Swiggy from Saravana Bhavan and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Saravana Bhavan Menu with Prices

Here is the full menu of Saravana Bhavan restaurant with price details in rupees.


S S Meals (Fixed Thali)₹347.62
Tamil Nadu Meals (Fixed Thali) (12.00 Noon to 4.00 PM & 7.00 PM to 10.30 PM)₹266.67
Mini Tiffin with Ghee Pongal₹190.48
Mini Tiffin with Rava Kichadi₹190.48
Quick Lunch (Limited) (10.00 AM to 3.00 PM)₹190.48


Hot Idli (3 Pcs)₹123.81
Hot Idly (2) + Vadai₹123.81
14 Mini Idli Sambar & Ghee₹152.38
14 Mini Idli with Sweet Dahi₹152.38
14 Mini Idli with Salt Dahi₹152.38
Rava Idli (2 Pcs)₹142.86


Medhu Vadai (2 Pcs)₹119.05
Onion Vadai (2 Pcs)₹138.10
Sambar Vadai (2 Pcs)₹133.33
Sweet Curd Vadai (2 Pcs)₹133.33
Salt Curd Vadai (2 Pcs)₹133.33


Masala Dosa₹147.62
Onion Dosa₹157.14
Onion Masala Dosa₹171.43
Butter Roast Dosa₹195.24
Ghee Roast Dosa₹204.76
Ghee Roast Masala Dosa₹219.05
Ghee Paper Roast Dosa₹204.76
Ghee Paper Roast Masala Dosa₹219.05
Rava Plain Dosa₹161.90
Onion Rava Dosa₹171.43
Rava Masala Dosa₹176.19
Onion Rava Masala Dosa₹185.71
Coconut Rava Dosa₹166.67
Coconut Rava Masala Dosa₹185.71
Ghee Dry Fruits Rava Dosa₹257.14
Ghee Dry Fruits Rava Masala Dosa₹276.19
Cheese Veg Dosai₹166.67
Spicy Kalan Dosai₹190.48
Paneer Palak Dosai₹190.48
Chettinad Spicy Dosai₹166.67
Chettinad Spicy Masala Dosai₹171.43
Podi Dosai₹166.67


Kal Dosa (2)₹128.57
Onion Uttapam₹157.14
Coconut Uttapam₹166.67
Tomato Uttapam₹166.67
Mixed Uttapam₹166.67
Corn Cheese Uthappam₹166.67

Rasam & Appalam

Rasam & Appalam₹95.24


Ghee Paneer Dosa₹209.52
Ghee Kara Dosa₹180.95
Panchavarna Uttapam (5)₹190.48
Ghee Pongal Large₹142.86
Ghee Pongal + Vadai₹133.33
Rava Kichadi + Vadai₹133.33
Idiyappam with Side Dish₹123.81
Idiyappam with Coconut Milk₹123.81
Appam with Side Dish₹123.81
Appam with Coconut Milk₹123.81
Poori (4 Pcs)₹142.86
Chapati (3 Pcs)₹142.86
Parotta (3 Pcs)₹142.86
Ghee Vegetable Dosa₹190.48


Sambar (250 gms)₹66.67
Chutney (100 gms)₹28.57
Vegetable (Subji) (100 gms)₹28.57
Papad (1)₹23.81
Chops (100 gms)₹28.57


Kara Boondi₹119.05
Kara Sev₹119.05
Onion Pakora₹109.52
Navadhanya Mixture₹119.05
Butter Murukku₹119.05
Cashewnut Pakora₹247.62
Potato Chips Chilli₹47.62
Banana Chips₹119.05

Home Made Savouries

Mul Thenkuzhal₹128.57
Mini Mul Thenkuzhal₹138.10
Seedai (Salt)₹138.10
Ribbon Pakora₹130.95
Kai Murukku₹138.10
Mani Murukku₹138.10
Mini Thenkuzhal₹138.10
Ragi Thattai₹130.95


Sweet Seedai₹130.95
Saffron Laddu₹142.86
Coconut Ladoo₹154.76
Special Ladoo₹178.57
Coconut Barfi₹154.76
Ghee Badusha₹154.76
Ghee Mysore Pak₹166.67
Milk Mysore Pak₹166.67
Rava Ladoo (1 Pc)₹47.62
Ma Ladoo (1 Pc)₹47.62
Moong Dal Ladoo (1 Pc)₹47.62
Badam Halwa₹309.52
Ghee Poli₹66.67
Sooji Halwa (Rava Kesari)₹123.81
Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs)₹71.43
Badam Halwa Cup₹95.24
Ghee Poli₹66.67
Kaju Kathli₹309.52
Kaju Pista Roll₹333.33
Kesar Peda₹154.76
Bournvita Peda₹154.76
Horlicks Peda₹154.76
Special Sohan Papdi₹154.76
Coconut Ball₹154.76
Fried Cashewnut Masala (250 gms)₹547.62
Fried Cashewnut Pepper₹547.62
Milk Halwa₹154.76
Kesar Mumbai Halwa₹142.86
Dry Fruit Halwa₹190.48
Basundi (1 Cup)₹85.71

Milk Shakes

Strawberry Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Vanilla Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Mango Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Banana Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Chikoo Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Chocolate Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Apple Shake with Ice cream₹180.95
Pista Shake with Ice cream₹223.81
Jughead Special₹166.67
Banana Punch₹123.81
Shimla Cool₹142.86
Summer Dream₹114.29


Cold Coffee₹123.81
Cold Coffee with Ice cream₹133.33
Sweet Lassi₹104.76
Salt Lassi₹104.76
Fresh Lime Juice₹66.67
Water Melon Juice₹100
Sweet Lime Juice (Mosambi)₹166.67
Pomegranate Juice (Madulai)₹200
Apple Juice₹180.95
Mango Juice₹128.57
Carrot Juice (Gajar)₹176.19
Citrus Cooler₹114.29
Tropical Treat₹114.29
Double Melon Cool₹95.24
Lime Mint Cooler₹76.19
Melon Cooler₹95.24
Apple Snow₹161.90
Almond Lemon Mint₹76.19
Pineapple Nannari₹95.24
Nannari Appy₹161.90
Orange Nannari₹123.80
Mixed Fruit Nannari₹95.24
Mosambi Mania₹57.14


Curd Rice₹114.29
Sambar Rice₹142.86
Tamarind Rice₹123.81

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Saravana Bhavan Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.