Shawarma King’s Menu

Shawarma King’s Menu

If you are a big fan of the Middle Eastern staple food, Shawarma, then you should head to the Shawarma King’s and you will not be disappointed. For the meat eaters, Shawarma King’s menu has a choice of chicken, chilli chicken, lemon chicken, and chicken seekh kebab.

The lemon chicken is especially a hot favorite. They wrap this up with the softest roomali rotis. A typical meal for two could cost Rs. 200. They also offer home delivery. So if your life is fast paced and you want to grab a quick, but very tasty bite, head over to Shawarma King’s!

Shawarma King’s Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Shawarma King’s restaurant with pricing information.

Specials Rolls

Paneer Shawarma₹90
Shawarma Chicken Roll₹100
Chilli Chicken Roll₹195
Lemon Chicken Roll₹195

Seekh Kebab Rolls

Chicken Seekh Kebab Roll₹140

Veg Rolls

Soya Chaap Roll₹150
Paneer Roll₹140
Chilli Paneer Roll₹160
Paneer shawarma in parantha₹130

Egg Rolls

Single Egg Paneer Roll₹160
Double Egg Paneer Roll₹180
Egg Roll₹60

Chicken Rolls

Chicken Roll₹140
Single Egg Chicken Roll₹160
Double Egg Chicken Roll₹180
Chicken shawarma in egg parantha₹160
Chicken shawarma in parantha₹130


Chicken Shawarma Burger Grilled₹100
Paneer Shawarma Burger Grilled₹100


Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Grilled₹180
Paneer Shawarma Sandwich Grilled₹180

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Shawarma King’s Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.