Subway Menu

Subway Menu

Subway is an international chain with more than 450 restaurants in India. Subway is known to have introduced the concept of eat–healthy in a Quick Service Restaurant format that allows you to grab healthy, non-greasy, and nutritious food on the go. With fresh vegetables and/or meat with the right flavors, the subs and the footlongs are delicious. With five varieties of bread in the offering providing healthy options like Multigrain, Parmesan Oregano, and Honey Oats to its customers, Subway has been a household name in India.

Subway menu also offers some special Indian varieties too like the Chicken Kofta, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, and Aloo Patty with fillings that are 97% fat free. A Subway experience is indeed a healthy experience.

Subway Menu with Prices

Check down below the menu of Subway India with prices in rupees.

Savour Box

Savour Box – Veggie Delite₹300
Veg Savour Box₹323.80
Non Veg Savour Box₹347.60

BFF Combos

BFF Veggie Delite [15 cm, 6 Inches, Pack of 2]₹343
BFF Veg Sub Combo [15 cm, 6 Inches]₹352
BFF Veg Signature Wrap Combo₹456
BFF Chicken Signature Wrap Combo₹523

Fusion Combo

Fusion Cheesy Aloo Patty Sub [15 cm, 6 inches, Pack of 2] Combo₹514
Fusion Smokey Chicken Club Sub [15 cm, 6 inches, Pack of 2] Combo₹606

Fusion Range

Fusion Veg Sandwich₹242.86
Fusion Veg Signature Wrap₹242.86
Fusion Chicken Sandwich₹302.86
Fusion Chicken Signature Wrap₹302.86

Drink Combos

Veg Sub with Drink Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹219.43
Veg Signature Wrap with Drink Combo₹276.57
Chicken Sub with Drink Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹276.05
Chicken Signature Wrap with Drink Combo₹318.90

Cookie Combos

Veg Sub with Cookie Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹242.86
Veg Signature Wrap with Cookie Combo₹300
Chicken Sub with Cookie Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹290.48
Chicken Signature Wrap with Cookie Combo₹333.33

Chips Combos

Veg Sub with Chips Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹188.43
Veg Signature Wrap with Chips Combo₹245.57
Chicken Sub with Chips Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹236.05
Chicken Signature Wrap with Chips Combo₹278.90

Snack Wrap Combos

Veg Sub with Snack Wrap Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹275.24
Chicken Sub with Snack Wrap Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹322.86

Sandwiches (veg)

Veggie Delite™ Sub₹180.95
Veg Seekh Kebab Sub₹185.71
Hara Bhara Kebab Sub₹185.71
Mexican Patty Sub₹185.71
Veg Shammi Kebab Sub₹204.76
Aloo Patty Sub₹204.76
Paneer Tikka Sub₹204.76
Corn and Peas Sub₹204.76

Sandwiches (non veg)

Chicken Kofta Sub₹228.57
Chicken Slices Sub₹228.57
Chicken Teriyaki Sub₹252.38
Tuna Sub₹252.38
Turkey Sub₹252.38
Turkey Breast and Chicken Slices Sub₹252.38
Subway Club™ Sub₹252.38
Italian B.M.T. Sub₹252.38

Signature Wraps (veg)

Veggie Delite™ Signature Wrap₹238.10
Chatpata Chana Signature Wrap₹238.10
Hara Bhara Kebab Signature Wrap₹238.10
Mexican Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10
Veg Seekh Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10
Veg Shammi Kebab Signature Wrap₹238.10
Aloo Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10
Corn and Peas Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10
Paneer Tikka Signature Wrap₹238.10
Tandoori Tofu Signature Wrap₹238.10
Italiano Corn n Pea Signature Wrap₹238.10

Signature Wraps (non veg)

Chicken Kofta Signature Wrap₹276.19
Roasted Chicken Strips Signature Wrap₹276.19
Chicken Slices Signature Wrap₹276.19
Italian B.M.T.™ Signature Wrap₹276.19
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Signature Wrap₹276.19
Chicken Teriyaki Signature Wrap₹276.19
Subway Club™ Signature Wrap₹276.19
Peri Peri Chicken Signature Wrap₹276.19
Italiano Roasted Chicken Strips Signature Wrap₹276.19
Turkey Breast and Chicken Slices Signature Wrap₹276.19
Turkey Signature Wrap₹276.19
Tuna Signature Wrap₹276.19

Salad (non veg)

Peri Peri Chicken Salad₹271.43
Chicken Kofta Salad₹271.43
Roasted Chicken Strips Salad₹271.43
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Salad₹271.43
Chicken Slices Salad₹271.43
Italian B.M.T. Salad₹290.48
Chicken Teriyaki Salad₹290.48
Subway Club Salad₹290.48
Turkey Breast and Chicken Slices Sub Salad₹290.48
Turkey Salad₹290.48
Tuna Salad₹290.48

Salad (veg)

Veggie Delite Salad₹233.33
Hara Bhara Kebab Salad₹233.33
Chatpata Chana Salad₹233.33
Mexican Patty Salad₹233.33
Veg Seekh Salad₹233.33
Veg Shammi Salad₹252.38
Aloo Patty Salad₹252.38
Corn and Peas Salad₹252.38
Paneer Tikka Salad₹252.38
Tandoori Tofu Salad₹252.38

Breakfast Sub

Cheese and Egg Sub₹171.43
Western Egg and Cheese Sub₹171.43
Chicken Slice, Egg and Cheese Sub₹171.43


Savoury Danish [2 pcs]₹47.60
Veggie Toastie₹76.19
Pepperoni Toastie [Chicken]₹104.76
Veg Shammi Snack Wrap₹119.05
Chatpata Chana Snack Wrap₹119.05
Chicken Kofta Snack Wrap₹123.81
Chicken Strips Snack Wrap₹123.81
Classic Salt Lays₹20
American Style Cream and Onion Lays₹20
India’s Magic Masala Lays₹20
Nachos Peri Peri Cornito₹30
Nachos Sizzling Jalapenos Cornito₹30
Nachos Cheese and Herbs Cornito₹30
Nachos Barbeque Cornito₹30

Cookies and Dessert

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie₹71.43
Dark Chunk Chocolate Cookie₹71.43
Double Dark Chunk Chocolate Cookie₹71.43

Drinks (Beverages)

Pepsi [500 ml]₹57.14
Mirinda [500 ml]₹57.14
7UP [500 ml]₹57.14
Pepsi [330 ml]₹57.14
Pepsi Black [330 ml]₹57.14
Mirinda [330 ml]₹57.14
7UP [330 ml]₹57.14
7UP Nimbooz [350 ml]₹57.14
Lipton Iced Tea [350 ml]₹57.14
Aquavess Water [500 ml]₹28.57
Slice [350 ml]₹47.62
Tropicana Mixed Fruit Delight [Tetra Pack, 200 ml]₹28.57

Raw Pressery

Coconut Water [200 ml]₹95.23
Choco Mint Protein Milkshake [200 ml]₹86
Sugarcane Juice [250 ml]₹76.19
Mixed Fruits Juice [250 ml]₹76.19
Valencia Orange Juice [250 ml]₹95.24
Pomegranate Juice [250 ml]₹142.86
Life Juice [250 ml]₹142.86

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Subway Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.