Take Away Food Express Menu

Take Away Food Express Menu

With the concept of eating your meal in the warm and comfortable ambiance of your home, Take Away Food Express started its first delivery outlet in Vasai (W). Mr. Nilesh Prabhu (founder) that carries love & passion for hospitality brought this concept along with his dynamic team.

For lip-smacking Indian and Chinese food! Take-Away Food Express invites you to a desi treat with all the wholesome Indian goodness! If the call of desi food is too strong, then it’s got to be Take Away Food Express. Take Away Food Express menu has some of the best tandoori items.

With the fame it has gained over the years, Take-Away Food Express now has outlets in Mira Road East and Vasai West. For that desi tadka with a twist on your tongue, simply head to Take Away Food Express. You may also order food online on Zoamto or Swiggy from Take Away Food Express and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Take Away Food Express Menu with Prices

Check down below the menu of Take Away Food Express restaurant with pricing deatils.


Prawns Tawa Fry₹490
Prawns Koliwada₹490
Prawns Masala₹490

Tandoor Ki Karamat

Chicken Seekh Kebab₹280
Chicken Tikka₹280
Chicken Malai Kebab₹419
Chicken Alishan Kebab₹419
Chicken Kalimiri Kebab₹399
Chicken Lassoni Kebab₹399
Chicken Pahadi Kebab₹300
Chicken Tandoori (full)₹490
Chicken Kalimiri Tandoori (full)₹530
Chicken Pahadi Tandoori (full)₹530
Chicken Reshmi Tandoori (full)₹550

Magic On Pan

Chicken Masala₹300
Chicken Handi₹470
Chicken Malvani₹330
Chicken Kadhai₹330
Chicken Kolhapuri₹320
Butter Chicken (full)₹520
Butter Chicken (half)₹330
Gavraan Chicken Handi (full)₹750
Gavraan Chicken Handi (half)₹470
Matka Chicken (full)₹520
Matka Chicken (half)₹330
Murg Musallam (full)₹790
Chicken Tikka Masala (boneless)₹350
Murg Musallam (half)₹490

Dawat E Chawal

Egg Biryani₹249
Chicken Biryani₹280
Chicken Tikka Biryani₹380
Prawns Biryani₹499
Chicken Kheema Biryani₹349
Chicken Biryani (boneless)₹330

Chinese Soup

Chicken Royal Soup₹220
Chicken Manchow Soup₹199
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup₹199
Chicken Clear Soup₹130

Chinese Starters

Chicken 65₹249
Chicken Crispy₹259
Chicken Lollypop (6 Pcs)₹269
Apple Chicken₹309
Chicken Lollypop Schzwan Dry (6 Pcs)₹309
Gobi Manchurian₹180

Chinese Dry / Gravy

Chicken Chilly₹249
Chicken Lollypop Schezwan Gravy (6 Pcs)₹349
Chicken Manchurian₹249
Chicken Schezwan₹249

Chinese Rice & Noodles

Egg Fried Rice₹210
Chicken Combination Fried Rice₹240
Chicken Manchurian Fried Rice₹330
Prawns Fried Rice₹260
Egg Hakka Noodles₹210
Chicken Schezwan Noodles₹240
Chicken Fried Rice₹230
Chicken Hakka Noodles₹230
Chicken Manchurian Noodles₹330
Chicken Schezwan Fries Rice₹240
Chicken Tripple Schezwan Fried Rice₹340
Chicken Hongkong Fried Rice₹230

Veg Starters

Paneer Tikka₹309

Veg Magic On Pan

Dal Tadka₹230
Paneer Tikka Masala₹320
Paneer Butter Masala₹299
Veg Kolhapuri₹280
Veg Handi₹270
Dal Fry₹230
Mix Vegetable₹270
Paneer Kadhai₹299
Paneer Mirchidar Kadhai₹299
Veg Chilli Milli₹280
Veg Kadhai₹270

Breads In Indians

Butter Roti₹29
Butter Naan₹60
Butter Kulcha₹60
Butter Paratha₹60
Garlic Naan₹84
Cheese Garlic Naan₹125
Butter Garlic Naan₹105

Veg Dawat E Chawal

Veg Biryani₹260
Jeera Rice₹160
Dal Khichdi₹210
Palak Khichdi₹210
Veg Pulao₹220
Peas Pulao₹220
Paneer Biryani₹299
Paneer Tikka Biryani₹310
Steam Rice₹140

Veg Chinese Soup

Veg Royal Soup₹219
Veg Manchow Soup₹219
Veg Hot & Sour Soup₹199

Veg Chinese Starters

Veg Crispy₹249
Veg Schezwan₹249
Paneer Manchurian₹269
Paneer Chilly₹269
Veg Manchurian₹249

Veg Chinese Rice & Noodles

Veg Fried Rice₹200
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice₹220
Veg Manchurian Fried Rice₹299
Veg Hakka Noodles₹200
Veg Schezwan Noodles₹220
Veg Manchurian Noodles₹299
Veg Tripple Schezwan Fried Rice₹299

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Take Away Food Express Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.