Yum Yum Cha Menu

Yum Yum Cha Menu

For zesty Japanese dishes! Yum Yum Cha in Delhi invites you to have your pick from a variety of flavourful Japanese items. If the call of that tangy hot and sweet sauce plus noodles is too strong, it’s got to be Yum Yum Cha! Yum Yum Cha menu has some of the best Japanese food. Yum Yum Cha (owned by Tusaj Lifestyle Pvt Ltd.) is a highly popular Pan Asian Bistro in Delhi.

Having gained immense popularity in the city over time, Yum Yum Cha now has four outlets in Delhi – Vasant Kunj, Gurugram, Saket, and Khan Market. For that sweet and spicy taste that will leave you asking for more, head straight to Yum Yum Cha! You may also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Yum Yum Cha and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Yum Yum Cha Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete menu of Yum Yum Cha with price information.


(V) Korean Fried Tofu Bao (2 Pcs)₹485
(V) Truffle Mushroom Bao (2 Pcs)₹485
Korean Fried Chicken Bao (2 Pcs)₹485
Pork Belly Bao (2 Pcs)₹485

Cheung Fun

(V) Mushroom Veg Cheung Fun (8 Pcs)₹585
Classic Chicken Cheung Fun (8 Pcs)₹585
Spicy Prawn Cheung Fun (8 Pcs)₹585

Dim Sum Platters

3 Basket Dim Sum (12 Pcs)
5 Baskets Dim Sum (20 Pcs)

Veg Dim Sum

(V) Spicy Veg Curry Dumpling (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Thai Vegetable Dumpling (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Spinach & Mushroom (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Edamame Truffle Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Hot & Sour Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Spicy Asparagus Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Cantonese Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Bok Choy Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Chilli Coriander Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Crystal Mushroom Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) Chilli Cheese Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385

Non Veg Dim Sum

Chicken Nam Jim Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Chicken & Chestnut Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Chicken Tom Yum Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Basil Chicken Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Chicken & Chilli Oil Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Prawn Butter & Garlic Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Prawn & Curry Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Prawn & Chive Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Prawn Har Gao Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Chilli Crab Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Crystal Duck Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
Chilli Pork Dumpling (4 Pcs)₹385

Veg Sushi Rolls

(V) Green Dragon Roll ( 8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Salsa Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
Cucumber Blossom (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Asparagus Tempura Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Crazy Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Southern California Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Soy Soy Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Crispy Cream Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Spicy Avocado Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Spicy Summer Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Enoki Tempura Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) Krunchy Kale Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
Half & Half Veg Rolls (8 Pcs)₹985

Non Veg Sushi Rolls

Geisha Prawn & Crab (8 Pcs)₹985
Hokkaido Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Hanna Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Ebi Tempura Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Alaska Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Dynamite Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Caterpillar Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Red Dragon Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Volcano Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Rock & Roll Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
California Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Rainbow Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Wafu Salmon Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Black Spider Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
Classic Hamachi Maki (8 Pcs)₹985
Classic Salmon Shake Maki (8 Pcs)₹985
Classic Tuna Tekka Maki (8 Pcs)₹985
Half & Half Non Veg Rolls (8 Pcs)₹1085


(V) Tangy Tofu Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
(V) Abocado Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Spicy Scallop Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Shake Salmon Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Maguro Tuna Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Scallop Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Aburi Salmon Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Tuna & Truffle Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Spicy Prawn Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
Unagi (BBQ Eel) Nigiri₹485

Sashimi & Carpaccio

Maguro Tuna Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
Shake Salmon Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
Hamachi Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
Unagi Bbq Eel Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
Tuna & Avocado Carpaccio (4 Pcs)₹685
Salmon & Truffle Carpaccio (4 Pcs)₹685
Spicy Hamachi Carpaccio (4 Pcs)₹685
Scallop Mentayaki Carpaccio (4 Pcs)₹685

Sushi Platter

Veg Sushi Rolls (12 Pcs)₹1285
Vegetarian Sushi Boat (20 Pcs)₹1985
Nigiri Sushi Tree (8 Pcs)₹885
Non Veg Sushi Rolls (12 Pcs)₹1485
Chef Sushi Boat (20 Pcs)₹2485
Sashimi On Ice (12 Pcs)₹1885

Japanese Pizza

(V) Spicy Avocado Pizza₹685
(V) Truffle Pepper Pizza₹685
Spicy Salmon Pizza₹685
Tuna & Truffle Pizza₹685
Half & Half Pizza₹785

Classic Soup

(V) Classic Miso Tofu Soup₹385
(V) Classic Fresh Corn Asparagus Soup₹385
Classic Miso Prawn Soup₹385
Classic Fresh Corn Chicken Soup₹385


(V) Mushroom & Avocado Salad₹485
(V) Shira Ae Salad₹485
(V) Crispy Lotus Root Salad₹485
(V) Edamame Salad₹485
(V) Snow Pea Salad₹485
(V) Edamame Soy Beans₹485
Chicken & Avocado Salad₹485
Seafood Salad₹485


(V) Crispy Orange Tofu (Portion)₹485
(V) Spicy Crispy Mushroom (Portion)₹485
(V) Philly Cheese Wontons (6 Pcs)₹485
(V) Veg Spring Rolls (6 Pcs)₹485
(V) Crispy Corn Cake₹485
Sizzling Salmon₹685
Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura (Portion)₹685
Crispy Orange Chicken (Portion)₹585
Sliced Garlic Chicken₹585
Aromatic Prawns₹685
Tenderloin Bulgogi₹685

Curry & Rice

Thai Red Curry₹785
Thai Green Curry₹785
Hot Yellow Curry₹785
Japanese Katsu Curry₹785
Sichuan Fire Pot₹785

Soup & Noodle

Tom Yum Yum Soup₹685
Lemon Coriander Soup₹685
Vietnamese Pho₹685
Kimchi Hot Pot₹685
Cha Su Ramen₹685

Sizzling Stone Bowl

Noodle Bowl₹685
Sticky Rice Bowl₹685
Quinoa Bowl₹685


(V) Kung Pao Mushrooms₹585
(V) Steamed Tamarind Greens₹585
(V) Spicy Long Beans₹585
(V) Ma Po Tofu₹585
(V) Thai Basil Vegetables₹585
(V) Sichuan Vegetables₹585
(V) Tofu & Asparagus₹585
(V) Vietnamese Chilli Vegetables₹585
Steamed Tamarind Chicken₹685
Winter Chicken₹685
Thai Basil Chicken₹685
Chilli Oil Chicken₹685
Vietnamese Chilli Chicken₹685
Kung Pao Chicken₹685
Soy & Garlic Chicken₹685
Basil Chilli Prawns₹785
Lantern Chilli Prawns₹785
Soy & Garlic Prawns₹785
Coriander Lamb₹785
Basil & Chilli Lamb₹785
Dry Chilli Lamb₹785
Cantonese Fish₹785
Thai Lemon Steam Fish₹785
Vietnamese Chilli Fish₹785
Thai Chilli Pork₹785
Spicy Pork Ma Po Tofu₹785
Braised Pork Belly₹785

Steamed Rice

Sticky Rice₹285
Basmati Rice₹245

Mochi Ice Cream

Cookies & Cream₹385
Pink Paan Mochi₹385
Matcha Tea Mochi₹385
Cappuccino Mochi₹385
Vanilla Mochi₹385
Blackberry Mochi₹385
Rocky Road Mochi₹385
Mango Mochi₹385
Coconut Jaggery Mochi₹385
Mochi Ice Cream (2 Pcs)₹385


Lotus Cookie Biscoff Cheesecake₹385
New York Cheesecake₹385
Chocolate Mud Pot₹385
Espresso Creme Brulee₹385
Banoffee Sushi (6 Pcs)₹385
Dessert Platter (Select 3)₹385

Fun Bottles

Pom Pom₹285
Pink Pomelo₹285
Fresh Lime₹285
Orange & Kaffir Lime₹285
Black Magic₹285
Vietnamese Coffee₹285
Smoked Mango₹285
Watermelon & Mint₹285
Green Apple₹285

Iced Cha

Lemon Iced Tea₹285
Peach Iced Tea₹285
Thai Iced Tea₹285
Ginger Kombucha₹285

Japanese Condiments

(V) Sweet & Sticky Unagi Sauce₹55
Japanese Mayo₹55
Spicy Mayo₹55
Sushi Soy Sauce₹55
Soy Sauce₹55
Gari Pickled Ginger₹55


Soy Sticky Sauce₹55
Chilli Billy Sauce₹55
Wham Jam Sauce₹55
Lemon Aid Sauce₹55
Red Hot Sauce₹55
Yum Yum Sauce Giftbox₹985

Gluten Free

(V) [gf] Bok Choy Dim Sum (4 Pcs)₹385
[gf] Chicken Spinach (4 Pcs)₹385
(V) [gf] Cucumber Blossom (8 Pcs)₹885
(V) [gf] Krunchy Kale Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹885
[gf] Hanna Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
[gf] Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll (8 Pcs)₹985
(V) [gf] Abocado Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
[gf] Aburi Salmon Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
[gf] Maguro Tuna Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
[gf] Shake Salmon Nigiri (4 Pcs)₹485
[gf] Hamachi Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
[gf] Maguro Tuna Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
[gf] Shake Salmon Sashimi (4 Pcs)₹685
(V) [gf] Classic Fresh Corn Asparagus Soup₹385
[gf] Classic Fresh Corn Chicken Soup₹385
[gf] Lemon Coriander Soup₹385
(V) [gf] Crispy Lotus Root Salad₹485
(V) [gf] Edamame Soy Beans₹485
(V) [gf] Crispy Corn Cake₹485
[gf] Thai Green Curry₹785
[gf] Thai Red Curry₹785
[gf] Sticky Rice Bowl₹685
[gf] Quinoa Bowl₹685
(V) [gf] Steamed Tamarind Greens₹585
[gf] Steamed Tamarind Chicken₹685
[gf] Thai Lemon Steam Fish₹785
[gf] Blackberry Mochi₹385
[gf] Cappuccino Mochi₹385
[gf] Coconut Jaggery Mochi₹385
[gf] Mango Mochi₹385
[gf] Matcha Tea Mochi₹385
[gf] New Cookies & Cream₹385
[gf] Pink Paan Mochi₹385
[gf] Rocky Road Mochi₹385
[gf] Vanilla Mochi₹385
[gf] Espresso Creme Brulee₹385
[gf] Soy Sauce₹85

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Yum Yum Cha Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.