Chaayos Menu

Chaayos Menu

If you are a fan of meri wali chai, then Chaayos is the perfect place for you. This chai-café chain offers over 25 different varieties of chai, so you are sure to find one that you love. Every Chai is handcrafted and made fresh with every order. Chaayos menu also offers a variety of snacks and street food like pav bhaji, keema pav, kaala chana chaat, and bhelpuri.

Given its popularity, Chaayos now has outlets in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, and Delhi-NCR so it’s easy to order from Chaayos.

Chaayos Menu with Prices

Here is the complete menu of Chaayos restaurant with the latest price list.

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Chai (hot)

Menu ItemsPrice
Desi Chai₹119
Desi Chai (Badi Ketli) Large Kettle, serves 10, 1000ml₹429
Vegan Chai₹199
Lemon Grass Chai₹139
Lemon Grass Chai (Badi Ketli) Serves 10, 1000ml₹549
Kulhad Chai₹139
Honey Ginger Lemon₹299
Black Coffee₹159
Desi Filter Coffee₹169
Drinking Chocolate₹189
Kashmiri Kahwa₹339
Green Tea₹219
Herbal Green Tea₹319
Black Tea₹219
Kadak Chai₹119
SugarFree Masala Chai₹119
Detox Kahwa₹259

Breakfast & Snacks

Bun Maska₹79
Bun Bhujia₹99
Vada Pav₹99
Mom’s Poha₹129
Bun Samosa₹139
Bun Dabeli₹149
Homestyle Upma₹149
Keema Pav₹159
Bun Omelette₹159
Kaala Chana Chaat₹159
Samosa Matar Chaat₹179
Chilli Cheese Toast₹189
Palak Patta Crispies₹199
Podi Idli₹199
Baarish Wale Pakore₹209


Homestyle Aloo Sandwich₹169
2 Minutes Sandwich₹169
Garden Fresh Sandwich₹189
Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich₹209
Italian Cheese Mushroom Sandwich₹239
Kasundi Paneer Sandwich₹239
Patiala Chicken Sandwich₹249
Sicilian Chicken Sandwich₹239


Matar Kulcha₹219
Pav Bhaji₹229
Paneer Loaded Open Paratha₹289
Chicken Loaded Open Paratha₹299
Loaded Open Chicken Keema Parantha₹299


Chai pe Maska Combo₹189
Desi Chai with Bun Bhujia₹209
Veggies Delight Combo₹209
Mom’s Special Combo₹239
Morning Refresher Combo₹259
Desi Chai with Bun Samosa₹249
Egg-Cited Combo₹269
Desi Chai with Samosa Matar Chaat₹289
Street food treat₹429
Desi maska combo₹289
Chai pe Charcha Combo₹319

Cold Beverages

Modinagar Shikanji₹169
Mint Lemonade₹169
Aam Panna Iced Tea₹189
Lemon Iced Tea₹189
Peach Iced Tea₹189
Kala Khatta₹189
Imly Banta₹199
Desi Cold Coffee₹199
Strawberry Shake₹199
Chocolate Shake₹209
Kulfi Shake₹209
Badam Thandai₹219
Mineral Water₹57.14


Chocolate Walnut Brownie₹109
Date and Fig Cake₹179
Banana Walnut Cake₹179
Choco Dense Cake₹199

Chaayos @ Home

Tea Gold – Premium Assam Black Tea (400g)₹360.95
Spiced Assam Tea – Adrak Elaichi Chai (100g)₹170.48
Spiced Assam Tea – Masala Chai (100g)₹170.48
Spiced Assam Tea – Adrak Tulsi Chai (100g)₹170.48
Chai Masala – Spice Blend for Chai (100g)₹237.14
RTM – Chaayos Masala Chai₹105.93
Instant Tea Premix Adrak Elaichi – Low Sugar (5 sachets)₹105.93
God’s Chai – Ayurveda Green Tea (100g) (whole leaf)₹360.95
Turmeric Cardamom Green Tea (100g) (whole leaf)₹313.33
Turmeric Cinnamon Green Tea (100g) (whole leaf)₹313.33
Lemongrass Green Tea (100g) (whole leaf)₹313.33
Cinnamon Green Tea (100g) (whole leaf)₹313.33
Rose Tea (50g) (whole leaf)₹313.33
Detox Kahwa Tea Bags (25 bags)₹284.76
Tulsi Cardamom Green Tea Bags (25 bags)₹284.76
Turmeric Cardamom Green Tea Bags (25 bags)₹284.76
Green Tea Gift Box₹1046.67
Premium Green Tea Gift Box₹1999.05

Chai Time Snacks

Bhakarwadi (150g)₹124.11
Gur Para (150g)₹113.33
Methi Matthi (150g)₹106.25
Mini Samosa (150g)₹124.11
Choco-Chip Cookies₹16.95
Coconuts Cookies₹16.95
Dry Fruit Cookies₹16.95
Suji Rusk₹16.95
Whole Wheat Cookie₹16.95

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Chaayos Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.