Xanders Menu

Xanders Menu

A contemporary gourmet cafe, Xanders is a great choice to indulge in a wide selection of light meals. Be it scrambled eggs with button mushrooms for breakfast, open-face sandwiches for brunch, goat cheese & fig pizzas for lunch, or spicy Thai salads for evening refreshments, Xanders menu offers something unique, tasty, and healthy at all times of the day.

Boasting a minimalistic and vibrant ambiance, free wi-fi access, pleasant indoor and outdoor settings, and peppy lounge music, Xanders has been the city’s favorite hangout spot for young as well as old people alike. Now you can grab their authentic Belgian Hot Chocolate between a business meeting in your office. Taste classic chicken pastas lying on a sofa at home. Or even relish a quick bite of their spicy wasabi sandwiches while stuck in traffic. 

Xanders Menu with Prices

Scroll down below is the latest Xanders Karachi menu with pricing details.


Xander’s Halwa PuriRs. 890

All Day Egg Breakfast

The Full MontyForm Rs. 820
Chicken Porcini Mushroom OmeletteForm Rs. 910
Signature Mediterranean OmeletteForm Rs. 890
Cheddar Cheese OmeletteForm Rs. 830
Pakistani OmeletteForm Rs. 760
Smoked Salmon OmeletteForm Rs. 930
The 4 Cheese OmeletteForm Rs. 890
The Skinny OmelettleForm Rs. 760
Khageena ParathaForm Rs. 810
Scandinavian Scrambled Eggs With SalmonForm Rs. 860
Portuguese Baked EggsForm Rs. 910
Classic Eggs BenedictForm Rs. 920

All Day Sweet Breakfast

Blueberry Granola BowlRs. 760
Apple & Cinnamon French ToastRs. 590
Nutella French ToastRs. 610
Creme Brulee French ToastRs. 610
Blueberry PancakesRs. 610
French “Pain Au Chocolat”Rs. 380
Classic Homemade GranolaRs. 710
Strawberry PancakesRs. 640


Cream Chicken SoupRs. 490
Mushroom SoupRs. 540
Roasted Tomatoes Soup With Corn & BasilRs. 480
Clear Lemongrass Soup With Chicken & VegetablesRs. 440


Loaded Sriracha FriesRs. 880
Almond Crusted ChickenRs. 920
Chicken Fajita QuesadillasRs. 810
Prawn TempuraRs. 960
Mexican Beef TacosRs. 820
Glazed Seared BeefRs. 810
Chicken Mushroom CrepeRs. 940
Chicken WingsRs. 690
Chicken Chipotle TacosRs. 790
Beef TatakiRs. 660


MargheritaFrom Rs. 480
Chicken Fajita PizzaFrom Rs. 520
Pepperoni PizzaFrom Rs. 1,080
Chicken Jalapeno PizzaFrom Rs. 1,060
Feta PizzaFrom Rs. 980
Salami PizzaFrom Rs. 1,090
Goat’s Cheese PizzaFrom Rs. 1,060
Bresaola PizzaFrom Rs. 1,760
Chili Basil Pesto & Mozarella Di BufalaFrom Rs. 980
Prawn PizzaFrom Rs. 980
Norwegian PizzaFrom Rs. 1,440
Chicken Porcini Truffle Oil PizzaFrom Rs. 1,340
Crispy Kale Chicken PizzaFrom Rs. 1,090
Chick & Basil Pizza with FetaFrom Rs. 1,090
Pizza ToscanaFrom Rs. 1,190


Fried Chicken BurgerFrom Rs. 960
Trio of Mini Burgers BeefFrom Rs. 990
The X-burgerFrom Rs. 990
Trio Of Mini ChickenFrom Rs. 990
Old School Cheese BurgerFrom Rs. 990
Chicken Cheese BurgerFrom Rs. 960
Gouda BurgerFrom Rs. 1140
The Jalapeno BurgerFrom Rs. 960
Smoked BBQ BurgerForm Rs. 1120


The Xander’s ClubRs. 1120
Chicken Ciabatta SandwichRs. 960
Open-face Chicken Caprese SandwichRs. 980
Hunter Beef SandwichRs. 1090
Honey Mustard Chicken Open-face SandwichRs. 960
The Smoke Salmon ClubRs. 1390
Signature Roasted Open-face SandwichRs. 1080
Spicy Wasabi & Honey Open-face SandwichRs. 960
Truffle Roast Beef Open-face SandwichRs. 1090

Sea Food Mains

Fish & ChipsFrom Rs. 980
Teriyaki Glazed SalmonFrom Rs. 1960
Red Snapper With Sweet PotatoFrom Rs. 1260
Grilled Herbed Red SnapperFrom Rs. 1210
Chilli-lime Red SnapperFrom Rs. 1340
Grilled Prawns With Crispy GarlicFrom Rs. 940
Thai Prawn Green CurryFrom Rs. 960
Sole with PestoRs. 1210
Seafood MedleyRs. 1260

Beef & Chicken Mains

Parmesan Crusted ChickenFrom Rs. 990
Grilled Chicken & Hummus BowlFrom Rs. 980
Moroccan ChickenFrom Rs. 990
Beef Undercut With ChimichurriFrom Rs. 1140
Grilled Porcini SteakRs. 1420
Feta & Roasted Tomato ChickenFrom Rs. 980
Penang Chicken CurryFrom Rs. 1020
Jalapeno Orange ChickenFrom Rs. 990
Chargrilled Chateaubriand SteakRs. 1290
Grilled Chicken with Roasted ChilliesRs. 990


Babar PastaFrom Rs. 1180
Pasta AlfredoFrom Rs. 990
Spaghetti BologneseFrom Rs. 1080
Linguine With Dill & ChickenFrom Rs. 990
Fettuccine With Shitake & FetaFrom Rs. 890
Penne & CheeseFrom Rs. 990
Beef LasagnaRs. 990
Prawn & Calamari SpaghettiFrom Rs. 1060
Chicken Tomato LinguineFrom Rs. 940
Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes & Seared PrawnsFrom Rs. 990
The 2 Cheese RavioliFrom Rs. 940
Linguine Chicken with Buffalo & Bell Peppers SalsaFrom Rs. 1180


HummusRs. 300
Multi Seed Brown BreadRs. 500


The CaesarFrom Rs. 880
The Quinoa & Cranberry SaladFrom Rs. 890
The CobbFrom Rs. 880
The CitrusFrom Rs. 860
Thai Chicken Lettuce CupsRs. 820
The ArugulaRs. 790
Crunchy Thai Quinoa SaladForm Rs. 910
The BresaolaFrom Rs. 1090
Chopped Kale SaladRs. 890

Sweet Tooth

Strawberry Cheese CakeRs. 680
Double Chocolate BrownieRs. 680
100% Floureless Chocolate CakeRs. 620
Croissant & Butter PuddingRs. 660
Xander’s Signature ChocolateRs. 630
Raspberry Chocolate BrownieRs. 660
Butterscotch BlondieRs. 640

Cold Coffee & Shakes

Iced LatteFrom Rs. 390
Hazelnut FrappeRs. 460
Oreo MilkshakeRs. 540
AffogattoRs. 490
Caramel FrappeRs. 460
Mocha FrappeRs. 460
Gelato Vanilla MilkshakeRs. 530
Iced AmericanoRs. 340
Oreo Mocha FrappeRs. 470
Gelato Chocolate MilkshakeRs. 530
Strawberry ShakeRs. 530


Strawberry SmoothieRs. 440
Peach SmoothieRs. 440
Blueberry SmoothieRs. 440
Passion Fruit SmoothieRs. 440

Hot Beverages

CappuccinoFrom Rs. 390
Cafe MochaFrom Rs. 380
100% Belgian Hot ChocolateRs. 380
LatteFrom Rs. 390
AmericanoRs. 300
Doodh Patti TeaRs. 230
EspressoFrom Rs. 220
Caramel MacchiatoRs. 390
Double EspressoFrom Rs. 320
Green TeaRs. 190
MacchiatoRs. 280
Hot Beetroot LatteRs. 390
Hot Spanish LatteRs. 390

Cold Beverages

Soft DrinkFrom Rs. 140
Ginger AleRs. 380
Fresh LimeRs. 190
Mineral WaterFrom Rs. 120
SodaRs. 380
Soda LimeRs. 380
PerrierRs. 390
Cold Beetroot LatteRs. 390
Blueberry Iced TeaRs. 390
Orange Rosemary Iced TeaRs. 390
Moroccan Mint Iced TeaRs. 390
Basil Ginger Iced TeaRs. 390
Carrot Basil Ginger Iced TeaRs. 390

Juices & Cocktails

LemontaRs. 380
Homemade Ice Tea PeachRs. 350
Homemade Ice Tea LemonRs. 350
Pina ColadaRs. 390
Blue MargaritaRs. 390


Apple Beetroot JuiceRs. 420
Apple Carrot JuiceRs. 420
AGL JuiceRs. 420
Orange JuiceRs. 420
Apple JuiceRs. 420
ABC JuiceRs. 420
Carrot JuiceRs. 420
Strawberry JuiceRs. 420
Strawberry Orange MixRs. 420

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Xanders Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

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